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New Genealogy Blogs August 6, 2011

new genealogy blogs

There are 24 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

'tis all relative

‘Tis All Relative
Blog type: Genealogy education, Individual family history

This BLOG is for tracking successful and un successful Internet research trips and techniques as they relate to finding my ancestors. I hope to help others who also search for their ancestors by sharing my strategies here.

a little bit french

A Little Bit French
Blog type: Indiana genealogy, Individual family history, Midwest genealogy

I am a freelance researcher and writer specializing in central Indiana genealogy and architectural history. You can contact me at Thanks for reading!

billings family

Billings Family of Memphis TN
Blog type: Individual family history, Tennessee genealogy

Although it might seem like I only research my husband’s family I do also look for my own ancestors.  It’s just a little harder because they didn’t keep a lot of things to pass down like the Moran family did.  I have to rely on my memories and the stories I heard when I was a child plus the few things that I found among my mom’s possessions when she passed away.  But I’ve gone back further than I thought possible thanks to the Internet.

It seems like there has been some research on the Billings family but I’m finding that my particular branch doesn’t have much out there.  It’s time to correct that.  So without further ado I present The Billings Family of Memphis TN to you.  There’s only one post so far but time will cure that.

channeling grammy

Channeling Grammy
Blog type: Individual family history

My children call her Grammy, my nieces call her Grandmommy, but I just call her Mom.

My mother has been the keeper of the family history for many years; now I have taken over the reins.  That is why I am “channeling” Grammy.

In this blog I will share the new things I learn along the my journey into family history. Sometimes it may be techniques; other times it may be newly discovered facts and insights about my own family tree. Still other times I may just share things that have inspired me and may inspire others.

climbing the branches

Climbing the Branches
Blog type: Individual family history

For over 50 years my Dad researched both his and my Mom’s family tree branches – and loved every minute of it! Trying to fulfill the promise I made him the last month of his life, I have spent the past two years continuing where he left off – finding out about all the many family members who came before us, from the many branches of our family trees. The histories will be published as my Dad always wanted, but there are so many people and stories that I just couldn’t wait to share with my very large extended family. And I know that’s why he worked so hard – to tell the stories for generations to come! So I’m starting this blog on my Mom’s family, to share the stories and show the pictures of the people who came before us, and whose lives and choices brought us here . . . our families.

digging our roots

Digging Our Roots
Blog type: Individual family history

I was born in Wilkes County, Georgia, December 1947.   My parents were simple people, and lived a simple life, but they always seemed happy.   I grew up in Thomson, Georgia, then moved to Augusta, and finally settled in Decatur as Dad followed work to the Atlanta area.   I’m now 63, married for 43 years, have two children–a son and daughter, and have 3 grandchildren.  And we’re expecting our first GREAT grandchild in September, 2011.   I retired in 2007, and I’ve spent a lot more time on digging through our roots.  I also began journaling to keep up with my current life, and also in that respect, went back and recaptured on paper the earlier parts of my life.   I was inspired years ago when I read in a book, “if we don’t write anything down about ourselves, the only thing our descendants will know about us in 100 years will be what’s written on our tombstones.”   I wanted more than that for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

e pluribus me
Blog type: Individual family history

The purpose of this site is to explore and document the Crosby/Garrison lineage. Of course the Crosby/Garrison family tree only applies 100% to my sisters, brother and me. This entire site represents one half of the family tree for my children and my “blood” nieces and nephews. For my aunts, uncles and cousins — no matter how distant — only a portions of this family tree apply.

The articles on this site will be clearly marked (tagged) to show which families that apply to. Many of the family names will be strange, but they are listed so that the articles will appear in search engines. Hopefully distant relatives will find part of this site useful, as it pertains to their specific tree. With any luck, this site will allow me to gather and share information with distant cousins.

More information will follow as this site expands. I can be reached by Email:

geeky texan

Geeky Texan
Blog type: Individual family history, Texas genealogy

I’m a Geeky Texan, otherwise known as a Geek from Texas.  I’m a 6th generation Texan.  I always thought that was weird because I think of being a Texan in terms of statehood but really if you did the math (and I don’t do math, I can’t do math so you couldn’t prove it by me that there aren’t multiple answers to the simplest equations because every time I do it I come up with a different answer) that would mean I was a Texan during Spanish rule (which kinda overlapped with French rule but preceded Mexican rule, U.S., Confederate States of America, and U.S. rule).  Six Flags isn’t just an amusement park.

I have four (4!) cats.  But I won’t do anything goofy and talk as if in their voice or anything.  Well, I might.  But if I do, I’ll disclose that it’s not my opinion but rather the opinion of, well, whomever it may be.  While we’re here, let me do a quick intro of the fuzzy brats.  Originally, there was just Baxter, LuLu, and Talia (the Original B L T).  The day after “The 2011 Snow Day,” a young cat showed up on the back porch.  She survived the following week’s three days of never-above-freezing by hanging out in my garage.  We needed the “C” (cheese) for our B L T so we had that tough Cookie join us inside. Now we have a nice little B L T with C.


Blog type: Individual family history

Weeeeeeeellllllll, here I go, starting a genealogy blog.  I’ve had a website for several years, and the bulk of my research will still go there, but I decided that I would like to start sharing some of the things that don’t fit in that format.

Specifically, my website at will reflect the sum of my information about my family.  This blog will reflect my thoughts on such disparate subjects as the things you’ll find in the Smith County KS public library, what it’s like to be a new volunteer librarian at a genealogy library, and whether or not I find something genealogical useful to do with Google+.

I hope that along the way, I’ll write something you might find interesting or useful.  Let me know if I come close!

genealogy notes by auntie d

Genealogy Notes by Auntie D
Blog type: Genealogy education

I’m semi-retired and share my home with three dogs, one cat, one parakeet and numerous goldfish in the small pond outside my bedroom. I enjoy writing, researching my family, cooking and reading anything that looks interesting.

I became involved in genealogy years ago when I found myself asking my grandmother Mahaffey about her family. My parents were divorced when I was young and I was raised by my mother who didn’t drive so visits out of town were very few and travel was by bus. Mom’s parents, grandpa and grandma Nolte, made the trip to Stockton and collected my brother and I for the trip back up north to Fort Bragg to spend a few weeks each summer. They also had remained friendly with the Mahaffey’s and would stop by for a short visit, not really long enough for a lot talk so I didn’t learn anything about the family until I was much older and visiting grandma Mahaffey on her birthday. She was born Hilda Alice Gann and had two brothers. She talked about her dad and mother, Ephraim “Pete” and Laura Horrell Gann, who had married in Arizona and moved to California a few years before she was born. She also gave me names: Gann, Horrell, Proffitt, Bradley and Boone. She was told we were related somehow to Daniel but didn’t know how to find out if we really were. I wrote the names down and stored them in a file for a later date.

Grandma Mahaffey died a few years later and at her funeral I met my dad’s cousin Carol. She had been researching the Mahaffey family and kindly sent copies of her family sheets which I added to the file with the other family names. I was still busy working and raising a family and taking the time to discover family facts was non-existent. Years went by and in 1997 I underwent back surgery which was confining for a few months… I also discovered the internet and the search for family information began. It was time consuming and at that time dial up was the only affordable connection. Still, it was fun and very satisfying to discover the people in your family and how they lived.


Blog type: Professional genealogist blog, Writing Your Family History

Genealogy has been a passion of Julie’s since 2007 and she has been a professional writer for as long as she can remember. Helping people write their family stories is a perfect blend of both passions. Julie can assist in many genealogy projects by providing writing, editing, and/or graphic design skills. Projects may include:

  • Family histories/genealogies
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies/memoirs
  • Articles/case studies
  • County/town histories
  • Family newsletters

Julie is working toward the American Records certificate through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies and has completed the ProGen Study Group program. She is currently the Recording Secretary for the Illinois State Genealogical Society and Treasurer for the Letitia Green Stevenson Chapter NSDAR.

genie thoughts

Blog type: Genealogy education

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and come from a large family (4 sisters, 2 brothers).  I have been working on my family genealogy for over 12 years and involved with genealogy organizations and groups for the past 5 years.

I consider myself an “expert beginner” genealogist because I have discovered (or uncovered) much about my ancestors, but I have yet to visit and conduct research inside any court house or state archive.

My first blog, which I started last year, contains stories about my family memories and individual family members. This year I decided to start a general blog to get some random thoughts and ideas out there.  I have two genealogy goals: (1) become a certified genealogist; and (2) publish a book about my family.

Thanks for reading my blog and I would appreciate your comments (good or bad).

german-russian roots

German-Russian Roots to Shoots
Blog type: Individual family history

I hope this site will provide family information from the past, which will assist present and future generations in their search or interest in our family. My interest in family history was initially sparked when I was a teenager. A picture of my great-grandfather, Matthias Messer, hung on a wall in my grandmother’s home in Billings, Montana. I remember asking once who this man was with one arm, and once he was identified, and wanting to know more, was told there wasn’t any way to find out more information on his family and home in Russia. Well, if you know me, you know I wasn’t ready to settle for such an answer…I did find out more about him over the years, through correspondence mostly, as I made connections with other German-Russian researchers, and when more records from Russia were made available.   Although I didn’t ask nearly enough questions of my grandparents while they were still living(or learn to rephrase them until I received answers to help in my search,)we are yet blessed with much information – I’m thankful for the computer and internet capability both to research and to share this information with family and friends.

heritage america

Heritage America
http://wwwheritageamericainc.blogspot.comBlog type: Genealogy education

We hope our blog provides an opportunity for family heritage enthusiasts everywhere to share their stories of ancestors past who came in search of the great American Dream. Join our discussion, share your stories about ancestors, heritage, and a New World of courage, and perseverance.

jeanettes gatherings

Jeanette’s Gatherings
Blog type: Individual family history

Contains family history on the Esplin, Armstrong, Tew, and Christensen families.

kollies genealogy

Kollie’s Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I’d always wanted to research my family history but never knew where to start, I always thought to delve in to it would take hours of research, in a records office, situated in a small village, somewhere I’d never even heard of before. I never even thought I’d be able to carry out the bulk of my research on the internet, with only the odd trip to the local library to help me with access to the major genealogy websites e.g. , , etc, and more importantly with minimal cost to myself whilst doing so, that’s right at the point of writing this I’ve spent no more than £20 in total during my research, and I’ve been researching for about 4 months.

I wanted to start a blog as a place to collect & share my hobby. What you’ll find here is a warts & all look in to my life through my family history, with biographies of my (deceased) ancestors, areas I’m researching, websites I’ve found useful, and other snippets of information including hints & tips.

Feel free to comment, or catch up with me on Twitter to discuss your own genealogy research.


PictureIt- Photo Services & Restoration
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog, Photography blog, UK genealogy

Photo restoration and image enhancements are time consuming operations. Why not let us do this for you. From simple object removal to large scale repair work. Picturit will endeavour to provide you with the final product you require. We undertake all manner of work from repairing old photographs, removing unwanted items and busy backgrounds, portrait enhancements and even producing surreal HDR images from a single photo. For more information of the services we provide and prices contact us at: or visit our website at:

SCANNING INFORMATION We like to keep our services as simple as possible. If you have a desktop scanner then scan your images at 600 dpi if you can 300dpi at a minimum and save as JPGS. Scan in colour 24 bit colour if possible or highest setting available even if your photos are black and white. Don’t make any adjustments leave that to us. If you do not have a scanner there are several high street retailers who will scan them for you. Photographic retailers or photo copying services will do this and put them on a disc or pen drive, so that you can transfer them onto your computer.

piece by piece

Piece by Piece . . . My Family
Blog type: Individual family history

Genealogical information on the members of my family tree. Surnames include Cleveland, Cully, Dawson, Dice, Dillon, Doumont, Gafvert, Graffius, Greenawalt, Grindstaff, Harrison, Holiday, Johnston, Moreland, Nelson, Rinehart, Rodenberger, Rudy, Spring, Taylor, Trimble.

relatively speaking

Relatively Speaking
Blog type: Individual family history

This blogging thing is all quite new for me.  I have spent most the day tinkering here and trying to figure out what all the “widgets” do.  I confess, I am still at a loss.   I created 3 blogs… one for my family… one for my husband’s family… and one about our old house.  This blog is about my husband’s family.

relatively strangers

Relatively Strangers
Blog type: Individual family history

I have never blogged before, but I have decided to set up three blogs… yes, THREE blogs!  I haven’t yet determined if I am crazy or just incredibly naïve.  I’m really excited about blogging since I just discovered it a few months ago!  Since my passion is genealogy and of times past I decided to stick with those topics.

This particular blog is about my own family with ancestors coming Prussia, England, Ireland and Germany.  Most of them resided in Michigan in the Detroit, Alpena & Presque Isle areas, and few others were scattered in the Lemont area of Illinois.  There are also a few other surnames I have been working on periodically that are of no relation, and I hope to have some information posted soon for folks searching for them.

I enjoy a full home with my Love, my stepson, our 4 cats, 2 dogs and a tank of fish.  I make no promises as to what to expect here… I have no agenda or organizational method in place though I do hope to post at least twice per week.. hopefully more.  My other 2 blogs are my husband’s family, and our old farm house that we are very excited and very blessed to live in.

the branches on our tree

The Branches on Our Tree
Blog type: Individual family history

My name is Betty Ann Harrigill, Hall and I am married to James Greg Hall. I have been tracing our family genealogy for twenty years now. My family descends around the Mississippi region and James family descends from the Texas and Oklahoma regions. Those who have followed me on Family Tree maker all these years will find that no longer allows updates or uploads and I will be closing that site.

Just a short list of Surnames include: Alexander, Anderson, Bassett, Beach, Beard, Benish, Billen, Bogues, Buckanan, Buckles, Collier, Farmer, Francis, Freeman, Gandy, Grice, Halford, Hall, Hamann, Harrigill, Hatley, Horton, Jones, Kiser, Lewis, Newell, Newman, Patrick, Payne, Pierce, Rider, Roebuck, Rushing, Sandifer, Shell, Smith, Speer, Thomas, Ward, Whitney, Zimmerman. In all, I have 221 Surnames and 13 Generations.

There has been published three additions of the John and Levicy Alexander Family side after many years hard work form one of my husband’s Cousins. I will be glad to share or compare notes with anyone interested. Please email me at

If there is the word private in read on a date that means I have the date, but because the person is still living, I wish not to post. If there is a ? mark, I hope you will use the comment area to send that information if you know it.

the james gammell chronicles

The James Gammel Chronicles
Blog type: Individual family history

Welcome to The James Gammell Chronicles. The purpose of this blog is to provide a gathering place for the living descendants of James Gammell and his siblings, as well as interested friends and historians. If you are a new visitor, you may want to begin by reading the Preface, posted January 4, 2010, and then proceed chronologically through James’ life story.

today in heritage history

Today in Heritage History
Blog type: Genealogy education

A Lighter Look at the Heritage History of the Day.

ultra violet genealogy

Ultra Violet Genealogy
Blog type: Genealogy education, UK genealogy

A complete blog for genealogy enthusiasts.  Research Stories,  tips and hints and up to date news in the world of genealogy.

© 2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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