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New Genealogy Blogs August 25, 2012

new genealogy blogs

There are 18 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

A Southern Sleuth
Blog type: Individual family history

When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I loved watching TV shows with “secret agents”. I watched shows such as Mod Squad, Man from Uncle, Get Smart and Dragnet and I used to tell myself that someday, when I grew up, I would be a secret agent. Little did I know that someday, in a way, I would become like a detective. However, instead of racing around in fancy cars in big cities, my investigations would take me to libraries, museums, archives and cemeteries, searching among the records of those long gone. A Southern Sleuth is a blog about my search for my southern roots.

I have been actively researching for 17 years primarily in the areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas and even the southern portion of Colorado. When my nose isn’t in a quarterly or other genealogy book or publication, I am researching or attending a genealogy conference, institute, online class or webinar . I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Family and Child Psychology from Brigham Young University and I am currently pursuing a certificate from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Presently I teach a local genealogy class.

Ancestor Chase
Blog type: Individual family history

My goal for this blog is to share the many things I have learned about genealogy during the past thirty years.  The plan is to cover a wide range of topics such as research tips, searching on line, interesting stories, plus more.  I love writing and talking about all things related to genealogy, plus I love to help others who have this “obsession”.  I am from Western Pennsylvania so I have the most experience in that region.  However I have gained knowledge in so many more states as I have “chased” my ancestors across the country.

Blogging About GenBooks
Blog type: Genealogy education

In Blogging about GenBooks, I review, evaluate, and make recommendations for books (in all their glorious formats) about genealogy, family history, and related topics. The heart of my career as a librarian is to connect people with books that meet their needs. Over the years, I’ve selected new titles for a large public library system and written reviews for professional library journals. You can expect independent reviews about new and classic books that will further your genealogical research.

Collecting Ancestors
Blog type: Individual family history

Welcome to my blog about my genealogical research experiences, the techniques I have used, and my successes and failures.–Wally Huskonen

Dogwood Branches
Blog type: Individual family history

Originally from Virginia, I now live in Atlanta.  I am a legal assistant by day and an amateur genealogist by night – and all weekend, if I can get away with it.  I began researching my family’s history in 2010, and the process was completely addictive.  Despite my firm belief while growing up that I was Irish, my roots are firmly planted in the soil of England, and on both sides of my family, you will find farmers, farmers, and more farmers.  Except for the current generation, that is … none of us seem to be able to be able to grow a decent tomato to save our lives.  I’ll also be posting from time to time about things I find in my husband’s family tree, as well as the occasional “guest post” with fun things from the information I’ve dug up on the ancestors of a friend or two.  Let’s see what I can find ….

Ellie’s Ancestors
Blog type: Individual family history

I am married and live here in the ‘burbs outside Rochester with my husband and two Yorkshire Terriers. My three children are grown, but one lives at home while finishing his degree, I make him share a room with the Yorkies (kidding). While I work part time at a “day job” genealogy is my true pursuit. I just started a local look-up service and had my first client, Yahoo! goodbye “day job”. I can get lost in researching my ancestors for hours at a time, I suspect I enjoy it so much because they can’t talk back like the husband, kids and dogs.

Family Heritage Remnants of Time
Blog type: Individual family history

Come! Share the Journey of Family Heritage Stories, Laced With Patterns of Living Throughout Generations of Time. We Are All A Remnant of A Rich Tapestry, Waiting to Be Rewoven Together.

Many of us find ourselves longing for a connection to something, or someone from the days we cannot touch; sometimes inspired by a photograph or a scrap of withering notation we found tucked away between the pages of a book in a long-forgotten trunk, or some emotion we cannot ignore. There seems to be a common thread that connects us all to the past; be it a name, an expression, or a geographical placement in this timeline we call mortality. Whatever it is that connects us, and draws our thoughts and hearts to one another, seems to be the passion that brings us to this blogging thing. My hope for any connection leads me to share with you some commonalities in blogging, daring to claim a place among the great writers; but if nothing more than my own journaling, it will be a tangible way for me to make sense of my own individuality, vulnerabilities, and emotions as I continue on this journey called life. I hope this blog may encourage and uplift.

Find Me – Help with finding your ancestors
Blog type: Genealogy education

Hi and welcome to Find Me

Do you long to know more about your family’s past?

Do you ever wonder what your grandparents or great grandparents did for a living?

Would you like to be able to see where you fit in amongst your ancestors?

Would you love to do all the above but don’t have either the time or any idea where to begin?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above then i can help you

I have been researching my family’s history for 10 years now and have found hundreds of ancestors, some of them have very interesting stories to tell but all of them help us to understand who we are, where we came from and demonstrate how they have shaped our lives.

I can do the same for you. Simply contact Gill Edwards at

Blog type: Forensic genealogy, Genealogy education blog

An elemental look at Genealogy. A little Detective work from a Forensic perspective may do the trick.

Genealogist Journal
Blog type: Individual family history

A family genealogist blog sharing research on the following family trees: Lowe, Rasor, Odette, Richards, Welke, Dargatz, Klukas, Findsen, Marlin, Bowen, Van Dusen, Pinkerton, Evans, Havins, Guthrie, Morgan and associated families.

Grandma’s Picture Box
Blog type: Photography blog

For years, when my husband and I would go to antique stores and flea markets, I would see boxes and shelves of old family photos, and it would make me sad to think that so many of them had left the hands of their families. Earlier this year, I stumbled across the 48-Hour Ephemera Challenge set up by Caroline Pointer at her own blog.  The challenge is to take a weekend and do online research in order to find the family of a mystery photo or postcard.  I began to wonder if I could do that on my own – surely my genealogy research muscles had developed to the point where I could at least find a family contact.  So I went to a local antique store, bought some old photos, came home and got to work.  Within two hours, I had matched a photo with a family, and sent an e-mail.  I got a response, and a new hobby was born!  It’s addicting and very gratifying when I contact someone who has perhaps never seen a photo of an ancestor.  I told friends about it, and my husband suggested I blog about it.  I saw that several other folks had the same idea, and decided to take the plunge myself.  So I did, and here’s the result – Grandma’s Picture Box.

Hylbom Family Ancestry Project
Blog type: Individual family history

My name is Tor Hylbom, and this is my website / blog.  I have been fascinated by genealogy for many years, but it was only since some time in 2011 that I have been working in earnest on a family history project to find out as much as I can about my ancestors.  This site became “live” on 11 May 2012, and I’m making information available here as quickly as I can complete my research, and I’m able to post it.  Slowly, a book is taking shape, which makes the modest claim of being A COLLECTION OF FAMILY HISTORY NOTES, gathered from secondary sources available in libraries or digital archives (some of which I hope to store on the site, copyright considerations permitting).  As work proceeds, I will be updating my progress in my blog and posting drafts of my research for others to explore if they are interested.

Images of the Jackson Purchase Past
Blog type: Kentucky genealogy, Photography blog

All of the antique photographs in this blog are “orphans” found somewhere in Kentucky’s Jackson Purchase area and rescued from various sources by Don Howell of West Kentucky Genealogy.

The Jackson Purchase is comprised of the eight westernmost counties of Kentucky – Ballard, Carlisle, Calloway, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Marshall and McCracken.

Past Remembrances
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog is one way to share family stories about ancestors with all those contemporary relatives whose eyes glaze over at Thanksgiving when I mention genealogy. Reading about one relative at a time is more palatable than making sense of a six-generation pedigree chart.  Some surnames include Clark, Cray, Dietze, Dyrdal, Gautherat, Haddox, Hayden, Jackson, Johnson, Kosinski, McCollem, Vollum, Wass.

Rhine Girl
Blog type: Individual family history

Freelance nonfiction writer who loves journalism.  Writes family history, scrapbooking and memoir articles.  Guest blogger for Women’s  Farmer gal who loves to grow my own food and cook,  knit, read obsessively, and volunteer in my community.

Terreni D Oro
Blog type: Individual family history

About our family starting our ranch. Every Friday is dedicated to Family History. Here is a link to our welcome page .

Terwilliger Souvenir Album
Blog type: Individual family history

James Grover “Grove” Terwilliger’s packed Souvenirs Album from the 1800s: explore page by page with me as I inventory his entire Album with all its contents. Genealogical, historical, and social records and memorabilia – much treasure here.

Yvonne’s Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Individual family history

I’m a genealogist and family historian. I’m proud of my French-Canadian roots, which go back to the 1600s in New France.

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