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New Genealogy Blogs August 15, 2009

new genealogy blogs

[Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Geneablog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

This week we offer 13 new genealogy and family-history related blogs and we now list 550 in our blog list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

digging into my past

Digging In . . . To My Past
Blog type: Individual family history

I’m new to the genealogy world (since 2007) and have been bitten by the bug! I am researching American lines in California, Kansas, Arizona, Ohio, and New York (what I’ve found so far). Also have family lines in Austria-Hungary and the Azores Islands, Portugal.

fermazin family

Fermazin Family Genealogy and Others
Blog type: Individual family history, Polish genealogy

In researching our family history in Posen, Prussia, Poland we found Friedrich Formazin. He was the son of Daniel Formaezyn born about 1785 and Mariana Soblinska. This has not been confirmed but from emails to a Kasia, a genealogy researcher in present day Poland we are pretty convinced this is so.

headstone genealogy

HeadStone Genealogy’s Blog
Blog type: cemeteries, death records & obituaries

HeadStones Genealogy is a new genealogy website. We get our information by going to cemeteries and photographing headstones. We collect that information and put it on our database along with the photo of the headstone.

You can search many different ways such as last name, 1st name, by state, by county, by country, Military, and Wars.

We also have a chat line on our website. So you can stay connected to your friends and relatives anywhere in the world.

Unlike all the other sites on the web our prices are reasonable and you can pay monthly and yearly subscriptions. And you can try our website out free. You can get everything in the website with out any additional charges.

We hope to have additional information for you in the future. One more thing any new upgrades we do to the site to help make your experience better we will not charge you any additional fees.

We at HeadStones Genealogy pride ourselves in giving you the most accurate information on the web today. We want to be your one and only place to shop for genealogy in the future.

highway 99

Highway 99
Blog type: California genealogy, Hispanic genealogy, individual family history, Missouri genealogy

I am a 8th generation native of California.I have a lifelong interest in old photos,family history and story’s,cemeteries,with a focus on my early California Spanish/Mexican ancestors.I hope my blogs can help me organize research,help others in their searches and memorialize those who are a forgotten chapter in California’s history. My mom’s southern family are a part of this mix too!

leaves of the tree

Leaves of the Tree
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been researching my family history since 1992. I maintain a website which may be accessed by going to my Profile. I started this page to have a place to post research problems and conflicts, particularly on my “Brick Wall” ancestors, as well as corrections to publications regarding the families I study. I have attended the Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research at Samford University for six sessions, as well as numerous genealogy workshops. I am a member of NSDAR and have eight approved Revolutionary ancestors: Moses Allen, Samuel Comstock, Thomas Flynn, Thomas Poindexter, John Hardin, William Hardin, John L. Harmon, and Robert Dickerson. I also belong to the U.S. Daughters of the War of 1812, with two approved ancestors, William Brown and Peter B. Allen.

my jamaican family

My Jamaican Family
Blog type: Individual family history, Jamaican genealogy

I was born in Jamaica and lived there till I got married and eventually moved to Canada. After a long career in a large urban public library I now work part-time in local history. I have been involved for many years in genealogical research and my main interests lie in finding out more about my Jamaican family history. I hope in my musings to show the methods I used to find out more about my family.


Blog type: Genealogy libraries

We began this blog because we are hoping to talk with you about online public access to the records held by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). We care about improving your researcher experience.

NARA has custody of more than 9 billion pages of records. How do we provide online access to it all? It’s a big challenge. Everyone would love to see all of the records available online as high-resolution scans with full-text searchability and a variety of ways to tag, search, browse, and discover the documents, photographs, maps, and films. And how about we get this completed by yesterday?

We think numerous strategies will have to come together as a multifaceted solution to providing better online access to NARA’s treasures and the vast array of federal records. NARA already has started to implement some approaches (like making descriptions and digital copies available in our online catalog, forming digitization partnerships, and developing an Electronic Records Archives), but we are still looking to the future and would like your input on how things are now and how you would love for them to be.

If you have suggestions for questions we should ask our researchers and the public, please send them to us at


OneGreatFamily Newsletter
Blog type: Genealogy vendor is now publishing a weekly blog available as an RSS feed with valuable information and suggestions for genealogy enthusiasts. While the content varies, each issue generally includes:

  • Genealogy Research Suggestions — articles focused on researching a specific ethnicity, tips on using various resources, whether technology or traditional, etc.
  • our popular “One Great Genealogy Site” Award — recognizes sites with useful tools or information for genealogists
  • tips for users of

our twigs

Our Twigs
Blog type: Individual family history

My husband and I have always loved looking back at the “good old days”. We have spent most of our married life traveling around the world with the USAF. Sometimes we felt as if we had no roots at all. Our two boys grew up as “military brats”. We had a wonderful life but they did not have a grandpa and grandma close by. It is an adjustment that all military families have to deal with.

Looking back at our family history is our way of showing them …….yes……we do have roots…….these are “our people”. We have just started this fascinating journey and each day a little tid bit of information opens another door.

santa barbara gen soc

Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society
Blog type: Genealogy society

Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society’s events, activities, and note-worthy news about the society and the Sahyun Library.

tales family crypt

Tales From the Family Crypt
Blog type: individual family history

With this announcement, I have opened my family crypt! Who knows what horrors will be unleashed on the world as a result? Mayhap I will suffer the ghastly fate of Lord Carnarvon, who died of the mummy’s curse after opening the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amun. It is here that I will relate some of the tales of my own ancestors that I find most interesting. Although they are being posted chiefly for the enjoyment and edification of other family members, all are welcome to peruse these Tales From the Family Crypt.

jews of the gold rush

The Jews of the Gold Rush
Blog type: California genealogy, Jewish genealogy

This blog just started and only has four entries consisting mainly of photographs but includes some very interesting information.

twigs of yore

Twigs of Yore
Blog type: Australian genealogy, individual family history

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a genealogy blog before, but always come back to the question of “why?”. What would I say? Who would read it? What would be the point? Sure, I might make connections with other people researching my family – but I have plenty of other ways of doing that which are working just fine. Do I really need more contacts to feel bad about not keeping up with?! With no satisfactory answers to these questions, I remained blogless. Until now.

Family names and places that I may eventually cover include:

FRENCH, TREGONNING and BENNETT – particularly around Avoca, Victoria, Australia; LEE, BAKER, COUPER and ALLSOP – particularly aroundOakleigh, Victoria, Australia; STANNUS, ROBOTHAM and BLACK – various locations in Victoria, Australia

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