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New Genealogy Blogs April 6, 2013

New Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 6 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

collecting leaves

Collecting Leaves
Blog type: Individual family history

Collecting the leaves to my family tree, this blog is about the musings of my genealogical journey. Collecting Leaves is the story of my family, the stories I have discovered, and the path that has led me here.

italian genealogy

Italian Genealogy ~ Researching Italian Ancestry
Blog type: Italian genealogy, UK genealogy

Over the last 20 years I have sought to research the broader details of my Italian ancestry; and so I should being 50% Italian!

In 2002 I commenced a one name study for the name of ORLANDO which is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies. I was a founder member of the Anglo Italian Family History Society and for the initial five years held the position of vice chair.

I also have started to structure the random and occasional information that I have come across that relates to the Sicilian commune where my family hailed from. You can read those details as they unfold at Sutera Tales – the beginnings of a One Place Study.

For about a year or so I have posted the occasional post to the Catholic Gene blog. For that site I wrote a series of articles and it those articles that will be posted here.

Part 1 – Italians Coming to the United Kingdom

Part 2 – Researching Italian in the United Kingdom

Part 3 – Italian Churches in the United Kingdom

Part 4 – Researching in Italy

Furthermore, these articles will become a stepping stone for this general Italian research and information site.

pinpointing dennis buggy

Pinpointing Dennis Buggy’s Irish Origins
Blog type: Individual family history

When a friend expressed her desire to visit her ancestor Dennis Buggy’s home parish in Ireland, I offered to help.  This blog details my research: the query, research notes in a wide range of sources, images, analysis, source citations, and hopefully a conclusion about Dennis’ birthplace.  It is a resource for Buggy family history and a demonstration of the Genealogical Proof Standard.

rhea yeakle family history

Rhea/Yeakley Family History
Blog type: Individual family history

I am not the best blogger but learned a whole lot more in the Family History Writing Challenge. The blog originally started out bouncing between the search for my husband’s brothers and sisters and my family. I finally split it out and now the Rhea/Yeakley Family History is about just that. The missing Gaulthair Children has its own blog and webpage.

I was captured by the history of my great grandmother. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and wrote the whole month of February about her. Now I am planning a trip to Tennessee to find out even more.

roots from the bayou

Roots from the Bayou
Blog type: Individual family history, Louisiana genealogy

Sharing family histories, customs and cultures of Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish and surrounding areas in Louisiana.

speaking of family

Speaking of Family
Blog type: Individual family history

Uncovering my family’s past has been a passion, some would say obsession, of mine for a very long time. As I started out collecting names and dates, I also began collecting the stories behind those names and dates, giving the ancestors of mine faces, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, struggles, victories… life. Despite my best attempts to capture all of the rather one dimensional information about my ancestors for posterity, I have found that the stories are missing. While the names and dates can be found in the companion website Speaking of Family…, this blog is my attempt to give voice to some of those in our family who have gone before us.

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