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New Genealogy Blogs April 23, 2011

new genealogy blogs

[Editor’s Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are 23 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1880 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

89 WWI Heroes

89 WWI Heroes
Blog type: Military history blog, UK genealogy

This is my blog to remember the 89 men who are listed on the Newquay War Memorial as having lost their lives in World War 1.  I have been researching my own family history for many years, including the lives of my grandfathers and great-uncles who served during WW1.  It occurred to me one evening as I walked past the memorial that the men listed there may have no relatives left to remember them and their families, so I decided I would research them.

The sources I am using are the Commonwealth Graves Commission database, UK Soldiers Died 1914-1919, Medal Index Cards, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes, England and Wales Census returns, National Archives of Australia and National Archives of Canada.  Sadly budget constraints (ie there is no budget!) mean that I am unable to double check information by ordering birth certificates etc.

You will notice that I am not working alphabetically – no reason for that, just a whim.  My aim is to have the list completed by 11th November 2011, so hopefully I will add around three names a week.  I shall also be trying to include information on the men’s regiments (eventually!).

ancestor tracking

Ancestor Tracking Dream Roadtrip
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog is a reprint of my internet journal from 2001 to 2002 in which I documented my “vagabond” solo journey in a Chevy Conversion Van tracing my roots. I not only traced their paths and found their homes and final resting places, but I did extensive genealogical research in court houses, libraries, historical societies, genealogical societies, cemeteries, and talked to the local people. I traveled with a laptop to upload my notes and photos, and use e-mail. It was a fantastic journey which lasted two years. I had no other home except my van to sleep in…just a bed and video player. My household goods were put into storage for two years. My mail was delivered to me at general delivery when I phoned “MailBox, etc.” and told them where to send it. At night I stayed in campgrounds, motels, friends’ backyards, friends’ homes, and those of the few living relations I’ve tracked down. As I traveled I collected so much genealogy information, that I had to get rid of items that I had originally thought essential to my travels (like a microwave oven). Between ancestral sites, I visited any tourist sites I could find and got to know a lot about the USA. This was a trip of a lifetime and I’m still sorting through all the wonderful memories, photos and invaluable genealogical data I found. I will post to this blog as I can – one or a few days at a time of that journey from 2001 to 2002.

andre lacombe genealogy

Andre Lacombe Genealogy
Blog type: French-Canadian genealogy, Individual family history, Maine genealogy

Tracing the families of Andre and Marie Louise Gagne aka Marie Josephte Quirion aka Marie Josephte Roy who immigrated with their children in the 1830’s from Beauce County Quebec and resettled in the Waterville Maine area.  The Lacombes traveled via the Old Canada Road that linked Lower Canada to Maine in the United States and were one of the earliest French Canadian families to resettle in Waterville.

I am a family genealogist who resided in Waterville, Maine as a child. I now live in Southern Maine. I enjoy helping others with their genealogy whenever I can.

brant county OGS

Brant County OGS
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Genealogy society blog

Blog of the Brant County branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

british irish genealogy

British & Irish Genealogy
Blog type: Irish genealogy, UK genealogy

British & Irish Genealogy (BI-Gen) has several strands, none of which seem to be adequately covered elsewhere on the Web, these being:

NEWS – major news stories from the world of family history across Britain & Ireland, coupled with links to the main information streams.  Local history will also feature prominently.

DIRECTORY of SERVICES – lengthy listings of organisations and individuals who provide a commercial service of some kind to our hobby.

FUN – entertaining stories and snippets from the world of family history.  Please, please, please help me with submissions in this regard – whether it’s first hand from the records, or second- or third-hand from your society’s journal, please pass it on to me at .  We’re looking for anything that entertains: funny, unusual, coincidences, or even tales of extreme tragedy or deep poignancy.  And anything from several hundred words to a little one-liner, I want to know about it!

STUFF for SALE – advertise your second-hand goods, publicise your ‘wants’ and buy/sell new goods, too, of course, if that’s your line of business.

cagle genealogy online

Cagle Genealogy Online
Blog type: Individual family history

Hello and thank you for visiting this site.  If you need to reach me you can send me an email.

I have been working on our Family Genealogy since about 1986.  Through the early years it was a real job to ferret out the documents and bits and pieces of information from public records and reluctant relations.

I have hosted several websites over these many years devoted to the family History and with each new major find, I experienced a resurgence of energy. Once again I find myself engrossed in refining and transcribing data for presentation on the internet.

Please help me.  IF you have information that pertains to one of our family lines, or a family member that you can share, please leave a comment.

Thank you for your help and patience as I construct this, the final genealogy site for my family history.  It will take some time.  I have thousands or photos, and even more documents, but I am posting and revising as fast as my little fingers can type.

climbing the family rosebush

Climbing the Family Rosebush
Blog type: Individual family history

Retired computer programmer now using my debugging skills to search for that elusive relative. Am owned by 4 cats and half a dog.

Most people have a Family Tree. We have a Family Rosebush in memory of my mother who was an avid gardener with a particular fondness for roses. This blog will follow my explorations around the family rosebush, thorns, buds, flowers, bugs and all, particularly in England and Australia with side trips to Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

family history teacher

Family History Teacher
Blog type: Genealogy education

Nikki has been fascinated by genealogy from an early age, when she used to listen to stories at her grandmother’s feet. As an adult, she has taken several family history courses, participated in indexing projects, and assisted others in researching their ancestry. She currently teaches a class on family history and decided to create the Family History Teacher blog to share her tips, advice, and experiences with a wider audience.

from maine to kentucky

From Maine to Kentucky
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been researching my genealogy on and off for over 20 years and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about research methods, although I haven’t necessarily used them. (For example, I know that I need to explore using land records and probate records to break through some of my brick walls.)  I keep telling various family members that I will write up a little something to tell them about a particular branch of our family or research success that I’ve had, but I never seem to get around to it.

I recently started looking at the variety of genealogy blogs out there and thought that this might be a great way to share some of what I’ve found. I hope to find additional cousins, and share with family members and others some of the interesting research I’ve done over past years and going forward.

from helen v smith keyboard

From Helen V. Smith’s Keyboard
Blog type: Australian genealogy blog, Individual family history

Thoughts and observations from an Australian genealogist new to blogging.

generations past

Generations Past
Blog type: Individual family history

We are all linked to Generations Past. I am exploring the genealogy, history and stories of the TELESCA, HEFLEY, HARDEE, STEGMAN, STUBY and other related families. Join me in my journey and if you connect to a surname, please contact me – We may be related!

janiss genealogy

Janis’ Genealogy
Blog type:  Individual family history

I have been actively researching my genealogy since the fall of 2003. In August of 2007 I created a genealogy website. This blog is a companion to that site. It will contain information that will hopefully be of interest to others doing genealogy research – particularly those publishing genealogy data on the web. It will include topics such as genealogy software; tools, utilities, and software that are useful in building a (genealogy) website; online genealogy data repositories and indices; and other relevant topics.

links to the past

Links to the Past
Blog type: Individual family history

Hi this is my journey into the discovery of my ancestors. I have always been interested in my family tree since my Grandmother John told us stories about her family.

My father’s maternal line the Key Family first settled in early VA; migrated to South Carolina; my 2rd great grandfather Andrew Jackson Key moved to Texas in 1880.  This family married into the Tandy, Threatt, Mangum, Clarke, Cotton, Plyler Families.

Also on my father’s maternal line is the Link Family, which  has deep roots in Catawba County, NC.  This family married into Propst, Smyer, Rudisill, Shuford, Cline to name a few.

My paternal line the John Family traces down from Greene Co., PA , Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma to Texas. This family married into the Goldberry, Adams, Shriver, Patton, Robinson, Wells Families.

My mother’s paternal lineage belongs to the Francis Family in VA marrying into the Bassett, Adcock, and Ragland Families. My line of Francis’ migrated to Franklin  Co., TN; from there, some of the family moved to Itawamba Co., MS. This is where the Baldwin Family shows up in my Francis line. My 3rd great grandfather then migrated to Independence Co., AR, where his son married into the Kirby Family and his grandson married into the Horn Family, who then moved, settling in Oklahoma and Texas.

My mother’s maternal side is Carroll’s from Rockingham Co., NC. Their order of migration is from Rockingham Co., NC  – McNairy Co., TN – Lamar Co., TX.

Also on my mother’s maternal side is the Ingram Family from NC migrating to Wilson Co., TN and then to Lamar Co., TX;  the Lewis Family from NC to TN and finally settling in Lamar Co., TX.

When I’m not digging into the family tree, I enjoy Scrapbooking, Gardening and collecting Recipes.  Hope you give me a hollar if any of this information rings a bell.

mcrobie family tree

McRobie Family Tree
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog chronicles my research of the McRobie family. It will mainly focus on my direct family line, which originated with William McRobie (1761-1835) of Garrett County, Maryland, but I will also include other things I find about McRobies as a whole.

If you have any information or research you would like to share, please email me at I will always credit you if I share your information on my blog.

murmuring trees

Murmuring Trees
Blog type: Individual family history

Musings from the mountain with a touch of genealogy and family history.

polish research

Polish Research
Blog type: Individual family research, Polish genealogy

My interest in genealogy started when I was a kid. I would ask my mom to show me my second great-grandfather’s bible. Together, we would look through the huge leather book-she would point out the beautiful illustrations and the family record. Births, marriages, and deaths, mostly for people I never knew. I would look at my birth entry, written by my mom, and marvel at the fact that I was related to all those other people somehow. She would carefully take out my great-grandparents’ marriage certificate, crumbling apart even back then, and show me the thick paper and colorful illustrations around the names. I would watch her expression change when she would come across my cousin’s obituary and she would tell me that she could never bring herself to write his death in the bible. As a kid, I did not understand her reasoning, but I could see how upset the sight of the newspaper clipping made her, so I never asked.

rhsv news

Blog type: Australian genealogy, Genealogy society blog

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria was formed in 1909 and is a community organisation committed to collecting, researching and sharing an understanding of the history of Victoria.

With the support of a large number of volunteers, the RHSV provides a full program of activities (e.g., lectures, seminars, excursions and exhibitions) for the benefit of members and the general public. The Society publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, a reviewed journal and books of historical interest. Its activities are available to all Victorians.

ropp genealogy

Ropp Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

Tracing the families of François and Frederique ROPP who immigrated with their children to the United States in April, 1893 and settled near Worcester, MA.

For years I have been working in a vacuum researching the family history of François and Frederique ROPP who came to America in April of 1893, landing in New York with a final destination of Worcester, MA.  I found this information on a ship manifest at and subsequently traced some of their steps in MA after their arrival.  But so much of the story was missing, and although I’m only a few hours away in Maine, I have not been able to spend the time or money to order records or take a trip to the Worcester area to do much research.  Having spent a lot of time looking for information online and not getting very far, my focus on this family had dwindled considerably over the last couple of years.

springwood historians

Springwood Historians
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Geographic genealogy blog

Welcome to the Springwood Historians history blog. The aim of the blog is to disseminate (as well as gather) information to anyone interested in public history. As such we welcome your comments.

We would like to thank Blue Mountains City Library and Local Studies Collection for allowing us to access their resources and use images from their image collection.

the leafseeker

The Leafseeker
Blog type: Genealogy education, Professional genealogist

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to blogging about my experiences in historic preservation & genealogy and glad you chose to tag along!

I am currently a Graduate Student of Goucher College, Towson, Maryland working towards an M.A. in Historic Preservation.

Since the age of 13, I have been researching my family tree. It’s been a long journey but that lead me down the path to become a Board-Certified Genealogist in 2006.

As a member of many groups I wear various hats from member to volunteer to Vice President. Some of those groups are Association of Professional Genealogists, Association for Gravestone Studies, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Jefferson County Genealogical Society (MO), National Genealogical Society, and St. Louis Genealogical Society.

trails of my imagination

Trails of My Imagination
Blog type: Individual family history

Born in Culbertson, Nebraska December 12. Attended Kearney State Teachers College 1948 to 1952. Later attended Iowa State University to obtain a certificate in Physical Therapy. I worked as a Therapist for 51 years and retired in 2009. I have a new interest in Family Genealogy and started this Blog to share with family and friends. I am also researching the families of: ELLIS, ADKINS, ASHLEY, WEEKLEY.

tree climbing with grandma sonja

Tree Climbing with Grandma Sonja
Blog type: Individual family history

I work at the Family History Library as a research consultant. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. Welcome to my genealogy-only blog. Here I will post findings, searches and interesting things relating to my research or my job.

Here are some of my family names that I am researching:

In Schlesien: Gralla, Ochmann, Kandzia, Grochla, Palus/Pallus, Kalus/Kalis, Karmanski, Malcher/Maicher, Badura, Dziuk, Dudek, Odoi/Odoj, Ulfik/Ulfig, Pischke

From Sachsen/Sachsen-Anhalt/Thüringen: Geissler, Baatge, Hoeke, Richter, Lindemann, Ost, Schulle, Garz, Henning, Hanisch, Hoehne, Kaeseberg.

who does she think she is

Who Does She Think She Is?
Blog type: Individual family history

I’m a freelance editor, mother to two small children, keen family historian and rather lazy feminist. I would like to read more on feminism, but at the end of a long day chasing toddlers, it’s hard to find the requisite energy and focus. So I’ve resolved to think of it as an adjunct to my family history research – or at least, to try approaching that research from a broadly feminist point of view – and see if that gets things moving.

I’ll post here about the women in my tree, the particular difficulties involved in researching female ancestors, and any scraps of reading I manage to do. (See that? Managing expectations already.)

© 2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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