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New Genealogy Blogs April 21, 2012

new genealogy blogs

There are 17 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ancestors before me

Ancestors Before Me
Blog type: Individual family history

I am a family curator, trying to collect not only the facts, but the stories of those who came before me. If you share in my family tree, or think you do, please feel free to contact me at genealogynichols at gmail dot com. Please do not post information concerning living individuals in the comments, to protect their privacy.

ancestors now

Ancestors Now type: Genealogy vendor blog, Technology blogs

This blog supports the Ancestors Now website where users can upload a GEDCOM file and create a free ancestor tree which is then added to the site’s tree ring.

babb family history

Babb Family History
Blog type: Individual family history

This space is dedicated to all things Babb. If you think you have any relevant information or that we might be long lost cousins (even distant ones!) please contact me! I can be reached at

barrett genealogy weblog

Barrett Genealogy Weblog
Blog type: Individual family history

This site has to do with my genealogy research. I am researching the descendants of Cyrus and Susannah (Zettelmeyer) Barrett.

Genealogy is one of my greatest interests. I also have a passion for photography and have had a few photos published (professionally, not just on my websites!) I come from a very large family and I am hoping that maybe some day we can all be on great terms with one another…. pipe dreams. I like being the family genealogist and historian and would not give it up for anything (except if I die, but you know….)

blogs from the past lane

Blogs From The Past Lane
Blog type: Professional genealogist blog

This is going to be new experience in some ways, but dealing with a subject I have been familiar with all my life, which is getting extensive! I will be concentrating in these posts on brick walls I am working on for clients and other pertinent items.

Particularly excited to be helping build an Alliance of professionals in the Genealogy field known as GARB (Genealogical Alliance for Reciprocal Benefit) The balance of the post is a press release which can be viewed on my website:

Have a great day (it is dark and dismal at the moment here in Highland)

english research from canada

English Research from Canada
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history, UK genealogy

With 100% English Ancestry, I thought it might be really difficult to trace my ancestors back in England from Canada. Only my mother, her father and his mother were born in Canada. This Blog will talk about my researching my English ancestors from Canada.

finding mary cordial

Finding Mary Cordial
Blog type: Individual family history

She was a beautiful, young Irish maid, working in a wealthy English household. Her employer’s oldest son fell in love with her. When he announced intentions to marry her, his parents said they would disown him. He married her anyway. Then, bride and groom ran away to live happily ever after. “Her name was Mary Cordial,” my maternal grandmother Marilyn Matilda Dietz told me, that distinct glimmer of pleasure in her eyes—the one she always had when she retold this story. “And you are her legacy.”

genealogy stories

Genealogy Stories
Blog type: Individual family history

I’ve been reading genealogy blogs last week or so and it was so interesting reading about everyone else’s adventures and discoveries, so I thought I would start one of my own.

I’m still fairly new to the world of genealogy, but I’m learning quickly, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! I’m hoping to meet some of you, and continue to explore my family’s history! However, I’m no stranger to the blog world. I love writing, and I thought what better way than to share a wonderful hobby and interest!!

honored generations

Honored Generations
Blog type: Genealogy education, Professional genealogist

Honored Generations.  Your History, Your Heritage, Your Story.

Curious by nature, passionate about family and history, I find a special calling to honor our previous generations by finding and telling their stories. Each generation leaves an impression on who we are and these lives, these unique individuals deserve to be remembered “generation unto generation”.

I am a professional genealogist with over 25 years’ experience. Most of my research has been on the East Coast but have researched in practically every state, several areas of England and Scotland and a few other European countries.

I like to tell people to honor your past and future generations with your family heritage told through life & world events. Share your families stories by finding out about your ancestors and you will find out a lot about you along the way.

There is also a wonderful less noticed area related to family history. I can help a loved one with memory loss, dementia or perhaps someone in hospice care, with Reminiscence reviews. Let them share the story of who they are, and in the process gain strength, peace and acceptance.

langholf family history

Langholf Family History
Blog type: Individual family history

This space is dedicated to all things Langholf(f). If you think you have any relevant information or that we might be long lost cousins (even distant ones!) please contact me! I can be reached at

meehan my family

Meehan My Family
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

Following the Meehan, Faulkner, Down and Busby families and more.  Families are from Ireland, England and Scotland and settling in Ontario Canada.

one big happy tree

One Big Happy Tree
Blog type: Individual family history

This is a blog to share our research on our Thacker, Holston and Zoller lines. If you have something to contribute please feel free to send it to me and I will post it!

richards-cardon family

Richards-Cardon Family History
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog is to help document my mother’s side of the family. Her father was Lee Randall Richards and her mother was Marian Fay Cardon. This is a place to share photos and information regarding their lines!

russell co alabama genealogy

Russell County, Alabama Genealogical Gleanings
Blog type: Alabama genealogy, Cemetery blog

This blog is an attempt to share my research findings of Russell County, Alabama cemeteries. I am collecting as many obits and burial locations as possible from this area. What started as a college assignment has turned into years of research. Each post will contain info on at least one person buried in Russell County. I will include whatever info I have on the person including info abstracted from the obit. Please contact me if you would like to see info on a specific person in a future post.

sarah leighs connections

Sarah Leigh’s Connections
Blog type: Individual family history

I am a student in college studying family history and genealogy and I love it. I created this blog to provide my future family and my extended family a place to come a read and learn about their ancestors. I hope to be able to provide my family with connections to these people that gave them life. While it is starting out as a project for a class, I hope to continue it all through the rest of my life to share what I am currently working on and any insights I gain about my family or family history in general. Family history is probably one of my favorite things in the world and I hope to share my enjoyment through this blog.

the in-depth genealogist

The In-Depth Genealogist
Blog type: Genealogy education

The In-Depth Genealogist is a digital newsletter that contributes to the advancement of all genealogists.

As a free monthly digital newsletter providing articles and columns for the advancement of all genealogists, professional or hobbyist. Join us as we share our knowledge and experience in a friendly, approachable, and entertaining way. Get in-depth with us!

Please make sure to find us on you social media of choice, Facebook and Twitter.

they ate what

They Ate What?
Blog type: Individual family history

FOOD. It is at the core of every families history. It is constant, continually occurring & reoccurring in our lives, even during lean times. Arguably more so in the past, it has been the single driving force in determining where we live, occupation, social status, survivability & religious practice. Civilizations have started brutal wars over food & yet still have the compassion to share with charitable generosity.

My goal here is to find the family history or individual story behind the meal, whether something as simple as a single ingredient, say a home-grown tomato to a dish created on a whim.

Many of these stories will come from a time when frugality was necessary. The Great Depression was not only a time of hardship, but also a time of creativity. Not only will the stories be posted here, but also the recipes. These will mostly be collected from actual conversations & interviews. It is not my intention to use recycled articles from long ago, out-of-print books & periodicals though some may be used from time-to-time when accompanied with a story of significant quality or entertaining value.

Please check back often as this is a work in progress.

© 2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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