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New Genealogy Blogs April 20, 2013

New Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ancestorings orphan photos

Ancestoring’s Orphan Photos
Blog type: Photography blog

Ancestoring’s new obsession is collecting old photos that don’t have a proper home. Can you help identify them? If you can convince me that you know who the mystery person is and that you are related to him/her, I just might send you the photograph.

crea and company
crea and company

Crea and Co Genealogy
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog, Professional genealogist blog

My name is Gillian Crea and for the past Five years I have been doing Family trees and genealogy work for family and friends. I live in Bristol with my husband, baby boy and two cats. I am a former History Graduate who has a passion for genealogy and the research this entails. Along with my BA History I also have a MA Historical Archaeology.  I have now decided to branch out (pun intended) to help others who wish to delve into their own Family Histories but don’t know where to start or who just need a little bit of a hand.  Please feel free to use the free info provided and if you wish, I also offer a number of research services which are invaluable for those who love family history but do not have the time to do their own!

dont forget where we came from

Don’t Forget Where We Came From
Blog type: Individual family history

Welcome to Don’t Forget Where We Came From, my family genealogy blog.  I am a wife and mom busy making memories and passing down family traditions to our children so they don’t forget where we came from, a promise to my Poppy.

I have been researching all my family lines since I was in elementary school, not an easy task as a fourth grader but a ton of fun.  While I have taken breaks over the years, my family history has always drawn me back in.  I used to rush through my genealogy, but now I am trying to as thoroughly as possible understand each family member’s life, as well as can be from the distance of time.  In an effort to slow down and keep track of my research and findings, I decided to keep a blog.

Along the way, I will be researching my mom’s mother’s side, the Watkins and Taylors of North Carolina; my mom’s dad side, the Sebastians of North Carolina and the Bemis and Osgood families of Ohio.  I started out with only a few facts on them because my grandfather’s mom was adopted and died young so little was known.  I have found it amazing how much you can glean with just a few pieces of information, but in the beginning it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I will also be researching my dad’s side, the Hudnall, Eskins, Bailes, and Comers of West Virginia.

I have already found so many interesting things and can’t wait to solve more puzzles.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I!

Don’t forget where you came from.

erdes orban family

Édes-Orbán Family
Blog type: Hungarian genealogy, Individual family history

It started with Mother’s book. She wrote down names and dates and places about the family. She told us to be proud of our Hungarian ancestry. My favorite story was about Kerekes Katalin who, because she was “a  big strong armed woman who fought like an animal”,  was granted nobility along with her husband Gergely and his brothers.

Our parents never threw away anything. That turns out to be a good thing for genealogy. Although I had heard that my grandfather Bela had been writing letters to get information about the family history, I had not seen the papers until last fall when my sister and I went through the boxes in the garage. In the past few months I have been working on organizing the two boxes of documents that I brought home. Lots of treasures, of course nothing in English, so I am working through Hungarian, Latin, German and Croatian (or Czech?) documents.

There are so many sources now on the internet that were not there for the previous family historians. The phenomenal collection of records from all over the world at, sponsored by the LDS is being updated constantly. It has helped to fill in a lot of blanks.

Serendipity has been a wonderful force in connecting me with cousins across the globe. Joe in Australia added several generations to the Kancsal line, gave me insights into the lives of our ancestors in the small towns in Zala county, and introduced me to a beautiful big clan of Magyars living in Melbourne. Emil in Győr shared with me his Csaladfá (family tree) that traces back to Katalin and Gergely in the 17th century and intersects with ours 5 generations back. He provided me with a wealth of documentation on the history of the Edes family that I continue to struggle through with the aid of Google Translate and my little red Magyar-Angol Szotar (dictionary).

There are stories in the data, the heartbreak of babies lost before their first birthday, of fathers left with little ones to care for when a mother died in childbirth. One can imagine the local scandal when a teenager was brought to the priest to marry the older beauty from the town down the road a few months before the birth of their first child.

Every answer leads to two more questions. And understanding the context requires more knowledge about the language, geography, history and sociology of the times.

Thanks to all my cousins, aunts and siblings. Please let me know of any errors or omissions that you find. I am sure there are many holes.  And if anyone wants to take on a translation project, I would be glad to share.

genealogy addiction

Genealogy Addiction
Blog type: Individual family history

Welcome! This blog is my effort to share the ups and downs, joys and woes, trials and tribulations of my addiction to genealogy with equally addicted family historians! It includes my thoughts as I explore the various paths of my search as well as tips of how I got  through obstacles. I love this endless mystery and look forward to sharing it with the genealogy community!

love and war

Love and War Blog
Blog type: Diary blog, Individual family history, UK genealogy

As I embark on writing a historical novel set in the Second World War, I thought the time had come to start blogging this incredible collection of love letters.

Katie Walker was seventeen when the war broke out. She joined the VADs when she embarked to Italy in 1945 and ended up in Graz in Austria working for Central Supplies.

Brian Thomas was a surgeon who was posted abroad in 1942 and spent much of the war operating in the field hospitals in Algiers and the Middle East before moving on to Italy in 1944. He too ended up in Graz where he met and fell in love with Katie.

Victory had come to Europe but many obstacles lay in the way of their romance. Two weeks before being posted abroad, Brian had married is girlfriend, Kitty in 1942. When he came home on leave the following year, his wife had met somebody else. By the time he reached Graz, he knew the marriage was over but in order to be with Katie, he still had to organise a divorce – not an easy task in 1946, particularly as he was determined not to dishonour his wife publicly by suing her in the courts for adultery.

As Brian had joined the RAMC at the outbreak of war, he was demobilised eighteen months before Katie. The separation was painful but throughout those eighteen months they wrote to one another.

The letters are not just a touching correspondence between two people who are clearly in love, they are an extraordinary window onto life at the end of the Second World War as the men and women of Britain put their lives back together and strove to fulfill the dreams they had of a happy future.

I have set the archive up in reverse as it makes more sense to read the letters from the beginning although the blog inevitably posts them in the order of the dates I put them on the site.

surname detective

Surname Detective
Blog type: Individual family history

I brake for cemeteries and a good photo op! I am the family historian hoping to be a certified genealogist someday to help other families learn as much about their family as we have learned about ours.

ye olde family tree

Ye Olde Family Tree Blog
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog is an Australian owned and managed website that is designed to make creating and sharing your family tree fun, free and accessible.

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