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New Genealogy Blogs 9 August 2014

New Genealogy Blogs 9 August 2014

New Genealogy Blogs 9 August 2014

There are 4 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

flitney family blog

For travelling the bride wore a pink and blue two-piece . . .
Blog type: Family, United Kingdom

In July 2014, my husband Terry and I set out to find the church where my mum and dad got married, what follows is a record of that trip. It is not intended to be a serious search for long-lost relatives more a meander through the life and times of my mum and dad, grandparents and other family members who might pop in from time to time. I hope to add to my ‘family tree’ as time goes on so if you think you might be related or can add anything to my travels, please leave a comment or drop me a line.

mystery dancer

Mystery Dancer – A journey of discovery through an antique photo album
Blog type: Family

Mystery Dancer is dedicated to discovering who Ursula Cheshire was through clues revealed in an antique photo album, and through online historical and genealogical research based on those clues.

scotch rood

Scotch Rood
Blog type: Canada, Canadian, Scotland, Scotts

My goal is that this historical journey will create alchemy, opening space for new perspectives and paradigm shifts. As part of this alchemy, Scotchrood will honour present day creators, writers, artists, and healers. Regard creators who have faced adversity, and then transformed these challenges into a celebration of life.

There are many mysteries within the pages of Ledger 1807. The investigation will begin with LetterWaterloo1815. Next year is the 200th anniversary of the battles. I want to take a collaborative approach to understanding this history. My hope is that, through crowd sourcing, together we can get access to original documents, academic research, life stories, and oral histories that bring these stories together.

van zijl genealogy blog

Van Zijl Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Dutch, Family

About once a fortnight I put in a blog about my family tree research on the surname ‘van Zijl. That includes not only the Dutch, original spelling, but spelling variants and Zeijl from Zijll or Van Zyl.

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