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New Genealogy Blogs 5 October 2013

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 7 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

brandy heineman

Brandy Heineman
Blog type: Family, Writing

Brandy Heineman is a Christian author in the metro Atlanta area. She’s a graduate of Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia with a degree in Business Administration and Communication. She still isn’t sure whether to sing the alma mater high or low, although it doesn’t really come up that often these days. After spending several years in the financial services industry, she left to focus on God’s will for her life and her family and developing her craft as a writer, with lots of help from her husband Michael and none at all from their two fuzzball kitty-cats. When she’s not writing, she divides her free time between reading, scrapbooking, and genealogy sleuthing. Her work has appeared in various local newspapers and the now-defunct Tomorrow Speculative Fiction. She is also regular contributor to Writer… Interrupted.

diggin for clues

Diggin’ For Clues
Blog type: Family

When I was about 10 years old, my father and I sat at the kitchen table and drew out a family chart with an old #2 pencil and a sheet of notebook paper. I still have it. And it was the start of a lifelong hobby! I study the Allen family of Wake County, NC, the Davis family of Granville County, NC, the Stancil and Johnson families of Johnston County, NC and all their collateral lines.

forget me not notes

Forget Me Not Notes
Blog type: Australia, Vendor, Writing

Tammy Woolley started her blog, Forget Me Not Notes, as a forum to answer the many questions friends, family and clients have about creating a personal history. Her blog compliments her professional services found through Forget Me Not Forever.

Tammy, founder of Forget Me Not Forever, is a recognised family historian with over 10 years experience specialising in Australian and Scottish ancestry. Through her ancestral quests, Tammy has developed a passion for knowing the stories behind the names she has researched. She has also discovered how much knowledge and joy is brought to a family when they know their ancestors’ stories. Tammy knows it is essential to record and preserve family stories to ensure both the stories and the people are never forgotten. What is also important is that you and your loved ones also have the opportunity to tell your story.

Tammy holds degrees in education and librarianship and has worked domestically and internationally for over 20 years. She has volunteered in family history centres and with family history societies in Australia and overseas. She is a member of the Association of Personal Historians and the Gold Coast Family History Society.

After being commissioned to produce many personal histories for family members Tammy created Forget Me Not Forever. Her vision for this business is to avail all of the opportunity to share and preserve their unique and irreplaceable memories for the benefit and love of current and future generations. Tammy offers a variety of choices in which to record your personal history and adapts each project to record a truly unique product. Each personal history is approached with Tammy’s genuine interest, sensitivity, creativity and expert knowledge and skills.

To learn more about recording your personal history contact Tammy now!!

Polish families from Żywiec-Zabłocie

Polish families from Żywiec-Zabłocie, Polska (Slaskie)
Blog type: Family, Poland, Polish

Complications of war, Chicago flu epidemic, immigration & deportation separated my Sanetra family. Paul Sanetra, was an orphan reunited with all but 2 siblings. I started a blog to make the message accessible to the world. The blog has already reconnected us with some family we were separated from.

preserving mecklenburg va

Preserving Mecklenburg, VA History and Memories
Blog type: Family, Virginia

I realized quickly with Mecklenburg, Virginia genealogy that I’d have to “think outside the box”.  I interview people, study USGS maps, look for long forgotten cemeteries and try help preserve some of those memories. The results of my findings are posted on my blog.

wheres merrill

Where’s Merrill?
Blog type: Ireland, Irish, Professional

Gearóid O’Neary is a genealogist and writer.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Gearóid is a writer, and the nom de plume and the alter-ego of Gerard Neary, the genealogist.

Gearóid would prefer to while away his days writing stories about all manner of things he observes, some daft and some with serious overtones. On the other hand, Gerard gets emotionally engrossed in researching our ancestors, and then compassionately distributes his findings in private. Gearóid gives him a break now and again, usually dragging him off to the village inn to partake in parish gossip, or to put the world to rights in mildly-heated political debates. Both of them have a sense of humour.

Gearóid is a dreamer. Gerard pays the bills.

young and savvy genealogists

Young & Savvy Genealogists
Blog type: Education

Who are young and savvy genealogists?

Young genealogist are anyone under the age of thirty who find dead people to be much better company than the living.

They may be beginners or experts. They may be able to navigate the archives with their eyes closed, or still say, “What the heck is that?” when they see a microfiche machine. They may be able to decipher old cursive with the same flair a garbled text message, or may be trying to figure out which way is up on a census record.

Regardless of where you are in your research, we want to hear your stories. Submit your story, read about ours, or hear about other young and savvy genealogists who are busy making the world a more awesome place.

What is our purpose?

We want to connect with young and savvy genealogists from all around the world, and be the community we’ve always wanted to be a part of. We’re here to support each other in our research, to offer the best tips and tricks that make us young and savvy, and to help you with your research.

If you’re a young genealogist and have always wanted to connect with others with the same passion for solving family mysteries, you’ve come to the right place!

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