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New Genealogy Blogs 31 August 2013

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 6 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

gone researching

Gone Researching
Blog type: Family

As my nom de plume indicates, genealogy is one of my interests. I have about 20 years of genealogy/family history experience. My areas of interest are the United States (Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and others), Canada (Ontario), United Kingdom (England) and Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg) of course. I am a member of a local genealogy group and a national genealogy society. Currently, I lead an evening genealogy discussion group once a month at a local library.


Blog type: DNA

Rebekah fell in love with genealogy when she was seven. It began with a family history written by one of her maternal cousins. Over the months and many bags of pogan ginger cookies, she fell in love with the women of Colonial New England. While working on her undergraduate degree, she began researching the other branches of her family.

Along the way, Rebekah discovered DNA testing. She soon found herself in the middle of project administration and the need for clear explanations of tests and results. By the time she received her B.S. in Computer Information Systems, she was far more interested in genetic code than computer code.

Rebekah’s current interests include: her personal genealogy, minority population heritage, personal genomics education, and project administration best practices.

italian family genealogy

Italian Family Genealogy
Blog type: Italian

Welcome to The Italian Family Genealogy web site. My name is Karen Baleno I’m an Italian genealogist and, through on-site research throughout Italy, I hope to help you rebuild the jigsaw puzzle of your roots, re-living the story of your parents, grandparents and so on. Tracing a family tree is an adventurous trip that often takes us to unexpected destinations, among surprises and deep human history. For non-Italian women and men who have an Italian name and Italian background but a foggy idea of their precise origin, a well done genealogical research is a light that illumines the past and lightens the present.

I will provide not only a bare genealogy of dates and names, but also an awareness of their existence: how their life was before emigration, their job, why they moved; how was and how is now their homeland, what they usually ate, which music they listened to or danced with, and so on. A complete picture of their existence, which may take you to have a new homeland, another place of the heart, a new awareness of identity and also a new Italian family.

After receiving your request, the more information I have to work on, the quicker the research will be (and the cheaper). After my first response to you, which is always free, we’ll decide together whether to proceed or not.

Given a go-ahead, I’ll construct a work plan, as precise as possible, agreeing on estimated expense and time. I normally ask for a part of the payment at the beginning, and then keep the customer updated on the costs of the research. At the end of the research, I’ll ask for the balance. For the on-site research, I charge per day, a full day dedicated to the research, including in the amount all the expenses.

janelles family tree addiction

Janelle’s family tree addiction
Blog type: Australia, Family

I’m Janelle and I’m a family-tree-aholic. I’m an Aussie mum of 4 who can’t get enough genie time. I’ve been doing this research for at least 25 years and it’s still far from finished. I’ve made some awesome friends with fellow addicts along the journey. My background is in libraries and bookkeeping, and I’m now studying accounting – because I wasn’t already way too busy.


MCGG and Let’s Talk…Genealogy
Blog type: Genealogy society, Michigan

For over 30 years, the Macomb County Genealogy Group (MCGG) has been an organization for genealogists in Macomb County, Michigan, and the metro-Detroit area to learn about their chosen hobby, share their experiences, help each other and give back to the genealogical community.

Sponsored by the Mount Clemens Public Library (MCPL), the Macomb County Genealogy Group has met year-round since its beginning in 1973. Currently, meetings are held every other Friday at 1 p.m. in the lower level of the Mount Clemens Public Library.

Our Friday meetings will rotate between:

  • Invited guests or members speaking on a variety of informative topics
  • Resource Development Sessions where members get together to work on a variety of projects such as indexing court journals or scrapbooks. These indexes are placed on the library website to benefit researchers no matter where they live.
  • and our annual events (i.e. Christmas Party, Auction and Potluck Picnic).

In addition, MCGG hosts a genealogy program series called “Let’s Talk…Genealogy” on the second Wednesday evening of the month. Discussions are held on various topics and attendees share their experiences and brickwalls.

Outside of our regular meetings some of our members attend an ancestral writing class twice a month, while others (including some out-of-state) abstract funeral home records; read cemeteries; index yearbooks, church records, newspapers, title abstracts, proofread, or do data entry.

rattling old bones

Rattling Old Bones
Blog type: Family

When I was a child, my father, Verne Troutman, piqued my interest in family history. On our yearly summer trip from Nebraska to Virginia to visit my mother’s parents, he stopped along the way to look up cousins. I listened to him and them telling the family stories and reminiscing about their childhoods. Years later, when Dad found out that the North Carolina Troutmans were putting together a family history book, he enlisted me to help him contribute information for our branch of the family. Dad told me the stories, and my job became scribe. We contacted aunts and uncles and cousins and solicited information. Unfortunately, Dad died in 1991 before the book was published. He would have loved it!

Researching the family history has been a journey in discovery, a treasure hunt. My desire has been to write the stories for my family, and this blog is an effort to accomplish that goal. My inspiration came from The Armchair Genealogist and her encouragement to start a family history writing blog. So thank you, Lynn Palermo, for kickstarting this effort.

This blog is about my dad’s parents, Clint and Mary (Waggoner) Troutman, and their family–their parents and siblings and their children. Eventually, I hope to start a blog about my mother’s family, the McIntyres, too.

When I told my Uncle Woody that I was researching family history, he said, “You’re just rattling old bones!” His description of my work stuck with me through the years, and when I was trying to think of a title for my blog, those words kept echoing in my head. They wouldn’t let me go, so that’s the name I’ve given my blog.

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