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New Genealogy Blogs 30 August 2014

New Genealogy Blogs 30 August 2014

New Genealogy Blogs 30 August 2014

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Here are this week’s new listings:

untold stories

Untold Stories
Blog type: Family

I’m an early riser, especially so when I’m camping. It was about 5:30 a.m. on a July morning, and the sun was just coming up over the mountain in Mt. Pleasant, Utah where we were participating in a mountain man rendezvous reenactment. I was dressed in my “mountain mama” outfit, and ready for the day. I truly believed that no one was up yet, so I headed across the street to the town’s cemetery. It was a beautiful morning, and it promised to be a hot day. I was enjoying the peace and solitude of the graveyard while looking at the names and dates on the headstones. As I wandered through the cemetery though, I realized I was not alone.

A man in mountain man buckskins stood quietly reading a tombstone, and I laughed a little. It was my dad. Dad and I have a lot in common. Dad introduced me to genealogy as a teenager; we have spent many hours together discussing how to find our ancestors–and we are both early risers.   We stood quietly talking about the people from the past who lived history; as reenactors, we were just pretending we were part of it. As we talked about the people buried there, I realized that it would be possible to piece Mount Pleasant Cemetery together stories even though the main characters are long gone.

I had been to Europe just the month before, and visited several cemeteries while I was there. Every time, I lamented the fact that these were the voices and faces that make up the history of the world I live in, and that their stories had died with them. I wanted to know their stories. I really wished I could speak with them to find how they fit in with the history I know and my own life.

I was majoring in English at college at the time, and during fall term I was asked to connect stories and poetry to my own experiences as a final project for my American Literature class.  It was Walt Whitman’s poem, “Leaves of Grass” that provided the impetus for my project. I thought about those cemeteries as I wrote, and even made a special visit to a local cemetery to help me with my project.  I threw my heart and soul into it, and I was rewarded with an A.  I was so excited by the things that I had written, that I could not stop researching, and so the “Untold Stories” project was born.

It’s been a dozen years since I wrote that essay, and I still find myself itching to write these stories. My kids are grown and gone, and the rush of my life has slowed a little. So now I have time. My blog begins with the stories found while writing that essay, and continues with other stories found along the way.

when i was 69

When I Was 69 (personal archives)
Blog type: Family

Celebrating my ancestors birth anniversaries and exploring their lives with photos of their geography, (living environment), their correspondence (including transcriptions,) census reports, cemeteries and their graves. Mostly American from pre-Revolutionary time to 20th century, including Native American ancestors.  I also note other events that are more current on this blog to save them for future generations.

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