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New Genealogy Blogs May 29, 2010

new genealogy blogs

[Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are 10 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1,110 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ancestors at rest graveyard rabbit

Ancestors At Rest Graveyard Rabbit
Blog type: Cemetery blog

I have been seriously researching my ancestors for about 20 years or so. I have made some wonderful discoveries and now also have even more questions that they have set me! And I have lost count at the number of brick walls I am waiting to knock through with different lines on both sides of my family.

And as mentioned on my first post here, I have always had an interest in graveyards, churchyards, cemeteries, call them what you will and their monuments and headstones and history etc..

This blog is about graveyards I am particularly interested in mainly because some of my ancestors rest in them, but it will also include details of other graves, monuments, headstones etc., for that place which I hope will be helpful, interesting and useful for others reading this blog.

If anything I write here is useful to you or you can help by suggesting possible other avenues for me to follow, I would love to hear from you and of course, if any of the family names I am researching or detailing on this blog are yours too, please let me know. Check out the Contact Page for details.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, I hope there is something that could be of interest to you.

chasing the family ghosts

Chasing the Family Ghosts
Blog type: Individual family history

My Dad, brother, and I became interested in genealogy several years ago. My dad often called our efforts as ‘chasing ghosts’. This blog recounts our efforts and captures the personalities or as he would say ‘ghosts’ of our family.

I enjoy Historical and Genealogical Research. I am a member of the National Genealogical Society and Association of Professional Genealogists. See My Profile below. Feel free to e-mail me with your genealogical or history research request. Just remember it is a hobby for me.

cobram genealogical group news

Cobram Genealogical Group News
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Genealogical society blog

Cobram Genealogical group is located in Victoria, Australia close to the border of NSW. We meet monthly, so this Blog is set up to share some of the work we are doing within our group and some of things going on locally.

finding eliza

Finding Eliza
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Alabama genealogy, Georgia genealogy, Individual family history

Eliza was my great great grandmother. We grew up hearing a story about her. In this blog I will talk about how I found her using a combination of oral history, records and lots of help from cousins and cousins of cousins.

This first post, though, is just to get my feet wet. Yesterday I heard Luckie Daniels talk about genealogical blogging during our AAHGS Metro Atlanta Chapter meeting. This morning I decided to dive in and set one up. I was pretty surprised to learn that I already had two accounts with Google Blogger. I set one up in 2007 and one in 2009 but never actually set up a blog. In my confusion I used the name I wanted for my blog on one account and set up to follow several blogs on the other account. I cannot find a way to delete one or the other so my plan is to use this blog and this account for everything.

gen briand

Gen Briand
Blog type: Individual family history

Hello, my name is Pablo Briand and this is the weblog of Our Briand Family’s genealogy. My desire is that it will help to make a feedback with all of you. The other objective of this blog is to do emphasis in some aspects of the genealogy, necessary for the researchers, as the historical, social, political and cultural frames of different moments of the past. The genealogy’s world is cooperative and always shows solidarity; or, at least, is what we dream about.

Illinois State Genealogical Society

Illinois State Genealogical Society Blog
Blog type: Genealogy society blog, Illinois genealogy, Midwest genealogy

Welcome to the blog of the Illinois State Genealogical Society!

This blog is one of many new social media endeavors we are undertaking in order to spread the word about our society as well as the many genealogy resources available to those whose ancestors settled in and even passed through the Prairie State.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll learn more about ISGS, its members, its publications and services as well as upcoming events like our Fall Conference held in Peoria, IL on Saturday, October 23, 2010.

over thy dead body

Over Thy Dead Body
Blog type: Cemetery blog

Inspiration for this blog comes from a wonderful blog which I follow called Cemetery Explorers ( By following that blog, and also posting my own photographs on Tombstone Tuesdays, I have come to delight in the beauty we find in the most unexpected place, the cemetery. Postings will include photos of headstones, grave markers, and other sights of beauty from the necropolis.

roots leaves jabez mcpherson

Roots N’ Leaves – Letters of Ralph Jabez McPherson
Blog type: Diary blog

Letters from the 1980s written by ancestor Ralph Jabez McPherson.

searing family

Searing Family Blog
Blog type: Individual family history

Welcome to the Searing Family blog. My name is Dan Searing, I live on the East coast. I am interested in Searings past, present, and future. My aim is to create a blog where Searings can find other Searings, learn about Searing history, admire Searing achievements, and generally join in the whole Searing family (there really aren’t that many of us!)

My blogging skills are developing. Any and all advice welcome. I would like to have different sections concerning family genealogy, notable Searings (past and present), and any other links that you as Searing family would like to see and comment on.

the ancestor files

The Ancestor Files
Blog type: Individual family history

Presenting the stories of my ancestors and some of their associates. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and the United States. I hope you enjoy reading the stories of our family as much as I have enjoyed collecting them. Getting to know my ancestors has been a rich, rewarding experience. Many times in my life I have been able to draw on the experience and strength of these amazing people.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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