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New Genealogy Blogs 28 June 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 6 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

annies family history blog

Annie’s Family History Blog
Blog type: Family

I am writing this blog to record some of the family stories that I have been told as well as some of the stories I have discovered in my search for my family history. I am working with one of my cousins and my sister. We are all very interested in searching for our roots. My cousin started working on this genealogy project quite a few years before I got on board. We have a very large Italian family, so this isn’t a project that can be undertaken by only one person. We need help. We have taken advantage of many of the great resources online as well as libraries and archives. I am hoping that this blog will also bring some answers to a few family mysteries. We have relatives that have disappeared from our lives, family disputes, unwed mothers (that was a big deal in the late 1800’s) and many more stories we have yet to confirm as true.

dawning genealogy

Dawning Genealogy
Blog type: Family

My name is Dawn. I am new to blogging but not genealogy. I want to share what I know with my family and hopefully leave something remarkable for future generations. I also hope to meet others who are researching the same families that I am so that we may share information and learn from one another.

My maternal lines run deep in Louisville, Kentucky! The people and families I have been working on for years now are the descendants of William Rueff (c.1792-aft 7 June 1860) and the allied families of these descendants.

My paternal lines also run deep and not just in Kentucky but also Pennsylvania, North Carolina, England, and a Caribbean Island or two. My paternal grandfather, William Elmer Williams line is driving me crazy but his wife, Peggy Scott Rich’s lines have been documented very well and goes back to the 14th century.

And a very special thank you to Thomas MacEntee for suggesting the name of my blog!


Blog type: Humor

Exposing the world of genealogy, every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, one panel at a time.

in his own words

In His Own Words: Isaac Newton Carr 1836-1923
Blog type: Diary, Family, Letters

Four years ago I discovered Isaac Newton Carr’s journals. They hold a treasure-trove of names, dates, events and 19th century farm life. Due to the amount of detail, historians and agricultural students have sought out this collection for their own publications.

Isaac volunteered for service in September 1861. His first journal entry was dated November 16, 1861. His 1861 and 1862 journal entries were sporadic. Sadly, his 1863 and 1864 journals were lost. From 1865 through 1923 his journal entries were written on a daily basis. They contain his thoughts and actions, initially as a Union soldier. After the war he journaled about his every-day encounters as a father, neighbor, farmer and businessman. Isaac wrote about family members, friends and acquaintances. He documented the births of his children and others, anniversaries and deaths. He kept track of his income and expenses. Most importantly, he shared his innermost thoughts and feelings. Isaac’s sense of humor is evident in many of his passages.

Isaac was determined that his journals be kept and he so stated this in his will. After he died, the journals passed from his wife, Margaret, to his son, Dr. Leslie Lewis Carr. When Dr. Carr died, his wife, Lavanda, donated the collection to the Iowa Historical Society. It is my plan to publish many of the more interesting entries beginning with the Civil War in 1861, as time permits.

NOTE: No effort was made to correct spelling or grammar in Isaac’s entries so that you can experience it in its original form.

keeping grandma alive

Keeping Grandma Alive
Blog type: Family

Welcome! I’m Nancy. I’m a wife and a mom and a vegetable gardener, a writing tutor, a writer, and a lover of puzzles and board games, and a Christian. I am also a genealogist, or a family historian if you like that label better!

I was bitten by the genealogy bug when I was a teenager. I fondly remember afternoons of sitting at a microfilm or fiche reader at the National Archives in Washington DC, and flipping through delicate, aged documents at several historical societies. I’ve found lost relatives and cemeteries, and re-found some relatives, too.

I don’t want my ancestors (or myself for that matter) to become just names and dates on a family tree chart. My goal is make sure that doesn’t happen.

I’ll never be done researching, but I’ve ventured into the next stage of genealogy – compiling and sharing all the tidbits of information I’ve learned over the years. Not just the names and dates, but who they were and what was important to them.

I hope you’ll join me, whether you are in research mode, sharing mode, or a mix of the two. I’m sure we can learn from each other!

under the nut tree

Under the Nut Tree
Blog type: Family

Hello! And welcome to my first post in my new blog!

Even though this blog is genealogy-focused, I thought I’d start out by introducing myself.

I am an avid genealogist- even though it’s not my profession. I have been researching my own family tree for about 6 years now. It started with one page of names- a pedigree chart of my dad’s side of the family, and I think it went back maybe 3 generations. Now, after all of the research I’ve accomplished and adding a whole new family by getting married, I have over 13,000 people recorded in my account!

Family is very important to me. I am the wife of a wonderful, loving husband (Jim) and the mother of an adorably lovable son (Jack) and a six year old lovable puppy (Roxy). They are my world. (We also have 3 very shy fish!). Outside of our little fortress here in Fort Collins, I also have a large family back in Arizona- including 4 sibs and 13 nieces and nephews!

Aside from taking care of my baby boy Jack and looking up dead people, I really enjoy writing, bike riding, and watching movies!

© 2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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