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New Genealogy Blogs 26 July 2014

20140726 new blogs

20140726 new blogs

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Here are this week’s new listings:

a families inheritance

A Families Inheritance
Blog type: Australia, Family, German, United Kingdom

I am a fourth generation Loveday and have a passion for developing my families history.

My late father, George William Loveday, wrote and published a Family History of our Loveday line. This book was the inspiration that I needed to expand and develop our history. The resources Dad had available to him at that time are small by comparison to today’s technology.

George with the assistance of my mother, Louisa, spent many days visiting the surviving relatives, visiting Government Archives departments, wandering through many cemeteries to copy details from grave stones and piercing together the facts and details of our family. Then Mum would type it all up, one-finger, on a small portable Remington typewriter.  When finished they would photocopy the pages until they had created a living , breathing book.

This then was my starting point. With the support of computers, the Internet and the wealth of information available now in Libraries and Government departments it was so much simpler to compile the expanded families stories.

This then is what I have gathered and I would like to share it with our family, whatever the connection.  I welcome any additional facts and please contact me to add to our story.


beautiful water genealogy

Beautiful Water Genealogy
Blog type: Family

How I Got Started in Family History

Having read Alex Haley’s “Roots” by age 15, I was kind of fascinated with the idea of tracing my ancestry. How far back could I go? I started by asking my parents and grandparents questions, then I drew my own version of the family tree in an old notebook.

Not knowing anything about genealogical research, I just set aside my family tree for years. Meanwhile, my dad’s sister started to do her own digging into her father’s mysterious ancestors, and she would tell me some of the things that she learned. When she passed away in 2010, my sister gave me a directive when cleaning out my aunt’s apartment: save any family stuff you find!

I couldn’t find any physical paperwork, but I did find some links on her laptop. What could they tell me? Again, the clues were scant, but it was enough to get me curious, and curiosity was all I needed! I’ve been on a rampage to learn more, more, more about all of my forbears!

This Blog 

Since I’ve been encouraged by friends and family to get my genealogy “out there”, and as I’ve become more involved in the genealogy community, I’ve decided to blog about it, like so many have done before me. I plan on writing about my ancestors and my other genealogy-related pursuits.

I read somewhere that my maiden name “Pleau” is a variant of “Belleau”, which is French for “beautiful water”. Having grown up with a name that no one can seem to pronounce or spell, and having lived almost all my life on a shoreline town or city, I figured “Beautiful Water Genealogy” would make a perfect name for this blog!


deeper roots genealogy

Deeper Roots Genealogy
Blog type: Education, Professional Genealogist

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are linked by real people…your people

I am a genealogist because I want to enable others to gain an appreciation for their family and themselves. Discovering who your ancestors are and what their lives were like gives you a deeper sense of self and placement in the world, and can inspire you to overcome challenges – or break the mold – to improve your life today.

Our ancestors’ struggles, sacrifices, role in history, and even their crimes can show us the difference real, everyday people can make in the lives of others and even in major historical events. Ultimately, understanding where we came from enriches our lives and more fully allows us to enrich the lives of others.

In preserving our own memories, we benefit our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and generations to come.

Deeper Roots’ blog is intended to provide tips, tricks, information, stories, and help motivate you to start your family discovery.

What if your great-grandfather was Thomas Edison’s assistant?  Maybe your ancestors participated in the Civil War or helped build the first railroad across America.  Perhaps you’ll discover that your grandparents immigrated from a part of the world you’ve always wanted to visit.  Your heritage is waiting to be discovered!  Contact me to discuss your ideas and questions – every initial consultation is free!


mollys canopy

Molly’s Canopy
Blog type: Family

My name is Molly Charboneau. I am a writer-editor by day and a genealogist-family historian by night/weekend — growing family trees one leaf (and road trip) at a time.

My passion for family history research was ignited more than 20 years ago on a vacation trip to Montreal, Quebec, when I found my paternal great, great grandfather Laurent Charbonneau’s 1832 baptismal record in an archive.

Sitting in a darkened room scrolling through microfilm, I could barely read the handwriting or decipher the French – or contain my excitement when I finally found my ancestor’s name! I came home with a certified copy clutched in my hand and a burning desire to continue exploring my heritage. In short, I was hooked.

Since then, I have gone through many rolls of microfilm, many archives and records repositories, and many online searches in the quest for vital genealogy documentation.

Yet what stays with me, even more than the records, is the memory of road trips to the places where ancestors lived, worked, raised families, contributed to community life and sometimes even made history — and the stories those visits help reveal.

On this blog I will share some of those stories, along with tips on how to plan a visit to an ancestor’s home and ways to get the most out of a family history road trip.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey!


my family history journey

My Family History Journey
Blog type: Family

Join me on my family history/genealogy journey.  I will share with you, my research, lessons learned, my brick walls, along with all the fun and frustrations I have on My Family History Journey.

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