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New Genealogy Blogs 24 August 2013

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

indian fijian genealogy

Indian Fijian Genealogy
Blog type: Family, Fiji, India

I have long been interested in genealogy. It is probably because my father is also into it. He is really the better genealogist of the two of us. But, I do love hearing the stories of my ancestors and finding missing people and even connecting with the odd 5th cousin twice removed. I always assumed I’d simply take over the work once he got too old and that would be it. But, I have found myself itching to do stuff now (why wait!). And this is where my husband enters the picture.

My husband loves his heritage, but doesn’t know much about his family history. He is an Indian from the Fiji Islands. His family immigrated from India to Fiji a few generations back (one grandfather, and 3 sets of great-grandparents). The last time we visited family in Fiji I made him gather as much family history info as possible from living relatives. He even got me photographs of 2 of his grandparents birth certificates.

So, with my dad researching my family, I have decided to research my husbands. I am hoping that writing down my goals and putting things out there for all to see I may get more done (it is motivation for me). Here I will figure out how to order and view microfilm from Fiji, find ship records of their immigrations, and eventually I hope to find records in India (which is harder than it seems). Who knows we may even find living relatives in India.

miss lynns genealogy

Miss Lynn’s Genealogy and Ancestry Stats
Blog type: Family

I have always loved to dig back in history so being retired I decided to try my hand at genealogy and trace my family tree. What an interesting journey I have been on. I have traveled the world over and have never left my desk. I have found out how hard it is to locate marriage, birth, or death dates so I started gathering old Public Domain Vital Statistic Books to help others find that elusive date or marriage partner. I am not a professional and do not do this as a business, I am just pursuing my hobby of searching and digging into history. I did this for years working with my dogs linage and I have found out it is so much easier finding a dogs linage then it is a persons, but I have found it so interesting and enjoyable.

remember patricia sullivan hanson

Remembering Patricia Sullivan Hanson
Blog type: Family

My mother, Patricia Ethel Hanson (nee Sullivan) died on August 4, 2013 and we’ve just finished all the sad duties related to her funeral and  burial.  Luckily, I had been interviewing Mom about her young life over the past few years and had created a scrapbook with her stories.  We had this scrapbook at the viewing and funeral and it became apparent that the grandchildren didn’t really know much about their family history.  As we relived family events through stories and pictures, the grandchildren hungered for more information about who their grandmother truly was.  The purpose of this blog is to share this information with them and to track the genealogical journey I’ve begun to make in uncovering my family’s history.  This blog is in your honor, Mom.  With lots of love, your daughter, Lynn.

ruths ancestors

Ruth’s Ancestors
Blog type: Family, UK genealogy

I’m Ruth and have been researching my family tree since about 2002.

I was inspired by my grandmother, Mary Davidson who always talked about her extended family. I wanted to know more about these people, who were they? Where did they come from? What did they do?

Once I started researching I got the bug and have not stopped since. To fund my research I work as an Optometrist during the week.

I am married to Luke who is very supportive of my hobby, as it means he can spend time playing computer games whilst I do my research!

I also have another blog where I tell you about “my favourite things” mainly my adventurous travels and food.

Below are the surnames that are of interest to my research and where in the country these names are from in my ancestry:

Allsop (or Alsop) – Wirksworth
Sheldon – Youlgreave
Thompson – Holloway, Marlock, Wirksworth & Crich

Homan – Herne & Herne Bay
Redwood – Herne & Birchington

Flood – Wigan, Lancashire

Holmes – Wittick

Fletcher – Long Bennington
Healless (or Hayliss) – Worlaby
Presswood – Glentworth, Ingham, Bransby, Gainsborough, Willingham, Stow in Lindsey & Lea
Raynor – Blyton
Shearman – Morton & Gainsborough
Skepper (or Skipper) – Lincoln, Branston & Heighington
Speed – Bracebridge Heath
Taylor – Hinckley
Watchorn – Burton
Wright – Wootton, Sturton & Glentworth
York (or Yorke) – Aubourne, Lincoln, Branston & Gainsborough

Davidson – Poplar & Woolwich, Kent
Dunmall (or Dunmale) – Woolwich, Kent

Britton (or Britten) – Nottingham
Holmes – Nottingham
Nichols (or Nicholls) – Nottingham
Presswood – Retford
Wright  – Elkesley & Sturton

Messinger (or Messenger) – Thame

Hall – Walsall & Wolverhampton, Staffordshire


East Yorkshire
Davidson – Hull
Hair (or Haire or Hare) – Sculcoates nr Hull, Sutton-on-Hull & Hull
Hall – Hull
Johnson – Hull
Kay – Burton Pidsea & Keyingham
Nichols (or Nicholls) – Newport
Parkinson – Hull
Peacock – Hull
Seddon – Hull
Worrill – Hull

North Yorkshire
Hawksby – Scriven & Knaresborough (or old West Riding)
Ibbotson – Knaresborough
Seddon – York
Steel – Church Fenton, Ulleskelf, Markington, Tadcaster & Kirkby Overblow
Topham – Knaresborough & Low Dunsforth
Wright – Scriven nr Knaresborough, Church Fenton

South Yorkshire
Flood – Dodworth, Silkstone nr Barnsley
Sutcliffe – Barnsley

West Yorkshire
Binns – Kildwick, Glusburn, Cowling area & Shipley, Windhill area
Holmes – Leeds
Mitchell – Tong nr Bradford
Nichols (or Nicholls) – Hunslet nr Leeds
Pollard – Bradford
Poole – Bradford, Shipley, Rawdon & Horsforth
Rooks – Bradford
Slingsby – Bradford & Shipley
Speight – Carlton, Leeds & Bramley
Sutcliffe – Hunslet nr Leeds, Newmillerdam & Sandal nr Wakefield
Thompson – Headingley, Horsforth, Kirkstall & Woodside nr Leeds, Burley in Wharfedale
Wilcock – Hunslet nr Leeds, Shipley & Idle nr Bradford
Wright – Garforth, Leeds

Messinger (or Messenger) – Limerick

shake those trees

Shake Those Trees
Blog type: Family

Sharing the stories of people found through genealogy research.

© 2013, copyright Thomas MacEntee