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New Genealogy Blogs May 22, 2010

new genealogy blogs

[Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are 29 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1,101 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

au hasard des archives

Au hasard des archives . . .
Blog type: French genealogy

Certains documents (archives publiques, familiales, privées, communications…) que j’ai pu croiser peuvent en intéresser d’autres que moi. Ce blog est aussi bien un moyen rapide et facile pour les regrouper et les partager, que de parler histoire ou généalogie d’une façon moins habituelle et plus vivante que d’habitude…

Ce blog ne vient pas en concurrence des autres site auxquels je participe, il est simplement destiné à accueillir les documents n’ayant pas leur place ailleurs. Ces documents peuvent intéresser le chercheur, l’historien, ou simplement l’amateur d’histoire. Les thèmes peuvent être très variés, tout comme l’intérêt des documents… Mais ce qui n’est pas intéressant pour vous peut passionner quelqu’un d’autre ! Cela peut aussi être un moyen pour moi de vous faire partager une opinion.

Seule condition : concerner l’histoire et/ou la généalogie, et contenir une ou plusieurs illustrations, de préférence d’archives. Je peux aussi mettre en ligne des documents ou informations que vous me communiquerez, s’ils sont dans le thème ou l’esprit du blog. N’hésitez pas à me faire des suggestions !

Translation via Google Translate: Some documents (public records, family, private communications …) I was able to cross may interest other than me. This blog is both a quick and easy way to combine and share, than talk history or genealogy of a less habitual and more vivid than usual …

This blog does not come into competition with other site which I participate, it is simply intended to record the documents that have not fit anywhere else. These documents may be of interest to the researcher, historian, or just love history. Themes can be very varied, as the interests of documents … But what is not interesting for you may fascinate someone else! This can also be a way for me to share an opinion.

The only condition: the cover story and / or genealogy, and contain one or more illustrations, preferably archives. I can also upload documents or information that you communicate to me, if they are in the theme or spirit of the blog. Feel free to make suggestions!

birmingham genealogical society

Birmingham Genealogical Society Blog
Blog type: Alabama genealogy, Genealogy society blog

The Birmingham Genealogical Society was organized March 15, 1959. It was organized exclusively for educational and research purposes, and to foster preservation of genealogical and historical material. We are located in Jefferson County, Alabama, USA.

blog coret

Blog Coret
Blog type: Dutch genealogy

… over het raakvlak van Internet en genealogie door Bob Coret.

blog groenegraf
Blog type: Dutch genealogy

Hier kunt u informatie vinden over de laatste updates die hebben plaatsgevonden, en

brumley branches

Brumley Branches
Blog type: Individual family history

It started back in the early 1980’s with a black and white picture that was discovered in a box with other pictures as my mother and her siblings were sorting out items that belonged to her parents, Nellie Opal (Sells) and John Leo Brumley. They knew two of the gentlemen in the picture as Issack Walter Brumley and William Ralph Brumley but no one knew the third man. This was the birth of the Brumley genealogy journey. My mother Nancy Gertrude (Brumley) Weik decided she would make it her personal mission to discover who he was and if he was related to her. She started to do research by a letter writing campaign to different Historical Societies in southern Missouri where the picture was likely taken, mostly in Gasconade, Osage and Maries counties. One day I received a long distance phone call from my mother, she was excited she could hardly speak —- she had received a letter from a cousin she had never known to tell her they were related and that the man in the photo was her father, John Brumley. It was at that moment that my mother and I teamed up to discover these relatives in Missouri that we had never known.
I am making the journey alone these days, for my mother passed away in 2005, but she left me with her smile and her never ending thirst to know more about who we were and where we came from and encouraged me to keep on digging and to pass this passionate hobby along to my child and someday to my grandchildren. We were a great team – this blog is dedicated to her memory and her spirit.

cari taplin gen present

Cari Taplin’s Genealogy Presentations
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog

Descriptions of presentations given by genealogy speaker Cari Taplin.

chicago genealogy

Chicago Genealogy
Blog type: Illinois genealogy, Midwest genealogy

I have a bachelor’s degree in Japanese and a master’s degree in reading instruction, but for the past few years, I’ve focused on helping people locate genealogical records for Chicago and Cook County research. When I’m not working on genealogical research, I’m probably working on fiddle. I started lessons in early 2008 and it’s become a very, very happy part of my life.

finding my ancestors

Finding My Ancestors
Blog type: Individual family history

I hope you enjoy my genealogy blog. My main family history webpages contain details of my ancestors and their descendants and can be accessed from the link below.

jan de bruijin

Genealogie Blog van Jacomien i.m. Jan de Bruijn
Blog type: Dutch genealogy blog

Welkom op de weblog van Jacomien Meijer-de Bruijn.

Samen met jullie wil ik op zoek naar verhalen en beelden uit de tijd van onze voorouders. Wil je die met mij delen stuur mij dan een reactie, tip en/of beeld en ik voeg het toe aan deze weblog.

Wil je snel zoeken naar een onderwerp: linksboven in de pagina kun je je zoekwoord typen. Of kijk in de rechterkantlijn bij “personen, onderwerpen, jaartallen of de lijst met woorden.

Ontdek je een fout of heb je een aanvulling, meld dit aan mij.

Translation via Google Translate: Welcome to the weblog of Jacomien Meijer de Bruijn.

Together with you I want to find stories and images from the time of our ancestors. Would you share with me send me a comment, tip and / or images and I add it to this blog.

Want to quickly search for a topic : top left of the page you can type keywords. Or look in the right line at “people, subjects, dates or the list of words.

richard keijzer

Genealogisch Weblog van Richard Keijzer
Blog type: Dutch genealogy

Ik ben sinds 2001 bezig met het uitpluizen van mijn stamboom. Een hobby waardoor ik al menig archief van binnen heb gezien. En daar gaat het hier allemaal over.

Translation via Google Translate: Since 2001 I am working on sifting through my family tree. A hobby which I have many files inside’ve seen. And that’s what it’s all about.

heritage zen

Heritage Zen
Blog type: Acadian genealogy, French-Canadian genealogy, Individual family history, Massachusetts genealogy, New England genealogy, Polish genealogy

I live in central Massachusetts with my husband, young son, German shepherd dog-lab mix, three cats, and one fish. I am mostly of Polish, Acadian, and French-Canadian descent. I have started this blog to share and acquire genealogical knowledge, achieve inner peace, and perhaps realize my ultimate quest, to find two ancestors with the same surname who actually spelled their surnames exactly the same way…

My areas of research are Polish, French-Canadian, and Acadian. I hope to share research, information, and tips, and a little of my family history. I also plan to write occassional stories on historical topics of interest to genealogists about my hometown Worcester, MA.

historiche friesland

Historische Vereniging Noordoost Friesland
Blog type: Dutch genealogy blog

Blog van de Historische Vereniging Noordoost Friesland te Dokkum. Onderwerpen betreffen genealogie en de historie van de regio in brede zin. De vereniging publiceert zijn artikelen in het kwartaalblad De Sneuper, in een oplage van ca 450 stuks. De website is te vinden via P.R. van de vereniging: Henk Aartsma. Redactie Sneuper: Reinder Tolsma, Piet de Haan, Eimert Smits, Otto Vos, Hans Zijlstra. Blogger/Webmaster: Hans Zijlstra, Amsterdam.

Translation via Google Translate: Blog of the Historical Society Northeast Friesland Dokkum. Topics include genealogy and history of the region at large. The association publishes his articles in the quarterly Sneuper, in an edition of about 450 pieces. The website can be found at PR of association: Henk Aartsma. Editors Sneuper: Reinder Tolsma, Peter de Haan, Eimert Smits, Otto Vos, Hans Zijlstra. Blogger / Webmaster: Hans Zijlstra, Amsterdam.

it's all about gen books

It’s All About Genealogy Books
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Research blogs

Welcome to my new blog. I will provide you with many of the resource books I have used in doing genealogical research as well as a review, tips, and tricks I have learned.

The books I reference can be viewed and purchased at my Store.

I hope to see you here soon and often!

journeys past

Journey’s Past
Blog type: Appalachian genealogy, Individual family history, Kentucky genealogy, Ohio genealogy

Many of you know I already have a traditional web site calledJourneys Past, which details the personal genealogical info on my family. However, over the years, this site has had to remain rather stagnant as I had to maintain stability and simplicity. The original site is arranged by surname or album, and is dedicated mostly to photographic gems, with very little room for commentary or even non-family related gems that I would love to share after years of collecting and researching.

After 20+ years of researching my own family tree, finishing my BA in History and my Masters in Library Science, I have collected so many wonderful stories, photos and historical odds and ends, that my files are just bursting at the seams to be shared with those who might be similarly interested. This is my contribution, which I hope you will enjoy.

On a side note, as you can see from my location, much of my content will naturally gravitate towards the Central Kentucky/Southern Ohio regions. But have no fear, my historical interests are vast, and I will be sharing many tidbits from the rest of the country or the world depending on my historical ambitions!

Enough about me, let’s get started on the journey!

la compagnie des arbres

La compagnies des arbres
Blog type: Cemetery blog, French genealogy

Depuis quelques mois, j’ai ouvert un blogue intitulé «Major Boutron et compagnies» dont le thème central concerne exclusivement la famille Major.

Pour moi cependant les ramifications de la généalogie se déploient depuis longtemps dans un monde extraordinaire et ne se limitent pas à la famille Major – bien que le sujet soit inépuisable!

«La compagnie des arbres» s’inscrit dans le prolongement de «Major Boutron et compagnies». Mon propos sera ici largement généalogique. Et historique. Il sera question d’arbres, et de racines, et de rameaux.

J’ai envie aussi d’y insérer, graduellement, l’histoire des pierres du cimetière de Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu justement bordé par de grands arbres, qui tiennent compagnie à tous ceux qui s’y reposent.

N’hésitez pas à me laisser un petit mot si vous passez par ici.

Translation via Google Translate: In recent months, I opened a blog entitled “Major Boutron and companies” whose main theme relates exclusively to the Major family. For me, however, the ramifications of the long genealogy unfold in an extraordinary world and not confined to Major family – although the subject is inexhaustible!

“The Company of Trees” is a continuation of “Major Boutron and companies.” My purpose here is largely genealogical. And history. It is a question of trees and roots, and twigs. I also want to insert, gradually, the history of stones in the cemetery of Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu precisely bordered by large trees, which keep company with those who rest there. Feel free to drop me a note if you come by here.

la gazette des ancetres

La Gazette des Ancêtres
Blog type: French genealogy

La généalogie a ce côté magique qui vous plonge dans l’histoire, la géographie, la paléographie et bien d’autres choses encore. Elle nous permet de se (re)découvrir une histoire, un passé ainsi que de rencontrer des gens plus passionnés les uns que les autres.

Laissez vous prendre au jeu, suivez les indices que vos ancêtres vous ont laissé et vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer !

Translation via Google Translate: The genealogy on this side of magic that immerses you in history, geography, paleography and many other things. It allows us to (re) discover a story, a past, and meet people more passionate about than each other.

Let yourself be taken in the game, follow the clues your ancestors have left and you will not be able to do go!

letters from world war II

Letters from World War II
Blog type: Individual family history, Midwest genealogy, Wisconsin genealogy

This is the story of the Nelson family from Appleton, Minnesota and their experience during World War II. My grandmother and her family saved over 600 letters of correspondence between their immediate family members during the years of 1941 to 1945.

My goal is to share these letters with you on the same day they were written starting 69 years ago, in order that you can experience the war from the perspective of a small town Minnesota family. The family and the group of letters are unique in that they cover many different viewpoints of World War II from the war in Europe to the war in the Pacific and even the experiences of those left behind.

major boutron

Major Boutron et/and compagnies
Blog type: French genealogy, Individual family history

Major Boutron et/and compagnies is in French and in English. Each day one birth, one marriage and one death in the Major family. With the sources and, photos if possible. The blog offers also some studies about the first ancestors of the Major Boutron family i.e. where the name Major comes from; the life and death of the ancestors…

michel vuijilsteke

Michel Vuijlsteke’s weblog
Blog type: Dutch genealogy

Posts in Dutch and English on genealogy and genealogy software.

needham family

Neeham Family Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I am starting this blog to upload and share documents and information that I have found about the Needham family with other descendants. My Mom’s maiden name was Needham, and I began researching our family tree a few years ago. I joined Ancestry off and on, and mailed away to the UK for documents, and have since found out a lot more of a branch of the family that I feared was lost forever. So here we are. Someday I hope to visit England to see where my great-grandfather came from.

The following categories will be used to “tag” different topics: births, christenings, marriages, deaths, locations, photographs, military records, immigration records, passenger lists.

nos ancetres

Nos Ancêtres
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, French-Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

Enseignant avec une formation en histoire, je suis est né à Montréal, mais je réside à Ste-Anne-des-Plaines depuis 1981. Passionné de généalogie dans mes temps libres, je tente dans ma chronique de faire revivre les ancêtres de Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, quelquefois de façon humoristique.

Translation via Google Translate: Teacher with a background in history, I was born in Montreal, but I live in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines since 1981. Passionate about genealogy in my spare time I try in my column to revive the ancestors of Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, sometimes humorous way.

ozarks genealogical society

Ozarks Genealogical Society
Blog type: Appalachian genealogy, Genealogy society blog, Missouri genealogy

The Ozarks Genealogical Society, Inc. (OGS) was formally organized in September 1969 by a group of individuals who were brought together by their common interest in researching family history. OGS was chartered in 1979 as a not-for-profit organization in the State of Missouri. The goals of the Society are to encourage the research and preservation of family history, foster solid genealogical research practices, and preserve records of historical and genealogical interest. All the work of the Ozarks Genealogical Society, Inc. is done by volunteers. Areas of service include staffing the OGS Library; presenting programs; maintaining the Library building; researching, typing and editing records for publications; acting as officers and committee chairpersons; and responding to queries. Members and nonmembers are invited to submit materials for possible publication in the quarterly, Ozar’kin, or special publications. The Ozarks Genealogical Society, Inc. has been serving researchers in southwest Missouri and the border counties of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas for 30 years.

pinoy roots

Pinoy Roots
Blog type: Philippines genealogy

I have been tracing my Dutch roots for a long time now, but I still have to start on my wife’s roots. One of my genealogy plans for 2010 is to do just that: Trace my wife’s roots. I will record the progress of my research in this blog.

My wife is born on the Philippines and therefore has Filipino roots. Or, as they say on the Philippines:Pinoy roots.

In the next post I will present the small tree I have to start with, that I created after an initial conversation with my wife and with my parents in law. After that I will find out which resources are available to me, and create and present a plan de campagne.

While I have plenty experience researching Dutch genealogy, Filipino genealogy is completely new to me. So far I did two things: I talked to my parents in law and got the names of their parents and grandparents (so I now have a four-generation ahnentafel), and I tried to find out which resources are available online (disappointingly few). More about that in future posts. At the moment, I don’t know what is possible, or if I can even expand that four-generation tree. I know tracing my wife’s roots will be a lot harder than tracing my own!

potato roots

Potato Roots
Blog type: Individual family history, Irish genelaogy

Genealogy is my favorite hobby, and given the fact that most of my ancestors are indeed Irish this blog just seems a natural outlet to talk about it. I am a mom of two young boys & wife to a great guy who indulges me in my quests of ordering birth records and going cemetery hopping.

sharing a slice of life

Sharing a Slice of Life
Blog type: Individual family history, Texas genealogy, Writing Your Family History

1) We all know we need to write our stories for posterity. Rare is the individual who can sit and write it all out in chronological order, but we can all remember a slice at a time.

2) By joining a meme, you might find yourself remembering and writing about things you wouldn’t have thought of!

3) Support and fun! It’s interesting to see how many different angles can be written on the same subject matter. It’s also easier to stay committed when you have others cheering you on for your efforts.

4) Working on family history is a great Sunday activity!

Every Sunday I’ll have a new prompt for you here. Go to your blog and post something on that subject – whether it’s a story, a poem, a description, a photo…. whatever you want, as long as it’s out of YOUR life (or an ancestor’s is fine) that has to do with the subject matter. Be sure to link back so others can find us and join in the fun.

south carolina roots

South Carolina Roots
Blog type: African-Amercian genealogy, Individual family history, South Carolina genealogy

It all started with an article in the March 2000 issue of The Oakland Tribune . The African American Genealogical Society of Northern California was hosting a presentation at the Oakland MormonTemple. I coerced my sister into joining me and on a sunny spring day, we joined several hundred others at the temple. I listened as people told of their adventures in family finding. I’ve always loved doing research so this seemed like a natural fit. That day I found out about the Family History Center at the temple. It took a few months, but I finally got there and was introduced to census research. I set as my first goal to discover all of my great great grandparents.

surinaamse genealogie

Surinaamse Genealogie
Blog type: Dutch genealogy, South American genealogy

Na ruim 15 jr. zelf ervaring op gedaan te hebben in genealogie bied ik mijn diensten op freelance basis aan. Bent u op zoek naar uw voorouders in Nederland of Suriname en komt u niet verder met uw onderzoek, neem dan contact met mij op. Ik help u graag verder.

Translation via Google Translate: After more than 15 yrs experience in itself to have done in genealogy I offer my services on a freelance basis. Are you looking for your ancestors in the Netherlands and Suriname, and you will not go with your research, please contact me.

veterans sw ontario

Veterans of Southwestern Ontario
Blog type: Canadian genealogy

This blog will look at the veterans of the wars in which Canada has been involved in since 1867 – the Fenian Raids, the Boer War, the First and Second World Wars, and the Korean War. The post 1952 to the present I will largely leave to others. I am as interested in the histories of these men and women, the units that they served in, in the context of Canadian history as I am in their family trees.

I am more of a historian than a genealogist although I am interested in genealogy as well. I will try to mix the two disciples were I can. Of course, I will not leave my own family out. Looking into my own family tree sparked the interest that I have in veterans as so many in my family have served.

Southwestern Ontario for the purposes of this blog includes the counties of Essex. Kent, Lambton, Middlesex, Oxford, Huron, Bruce, Brant, Grey, and Perth Counties.

zoeken naar

Zoeken naar voorouders
Blog type: Dutch genealogy

Starten gaat nooit makkelijk, maar al doende zal het beter gaan.
Hier wil ik bijhouden hoe het met mijn hobby gaat.

Dat is namelijk genealogie, en niet alleen die voor mijzelf, maar ook voor mijn vriend en soms voor goede vrienden die niet zelf naar een archief kunnen zoek ik wat op. Dan ben ik bezig voor GenLias om gegevens in te voeren die zij online zetten en als ik in een archief ben maak ik foto’s van de boeken voor de site “van papier naar digitaal” Daar staan nu al ruim 75.000 pagina’s met foto’s van de oude doop-trouw-begraaf en lidmaten boeken op. Deze foto’s zijn door verschillende personen gemaakt, bij sommige pagina’s staan ook de transcripties ernaast.

Translation via Google Translate: That is genealogy, not just for myself but for my friend and sometimes for good friends who are not themselves to I can find an archive bit. I am working for GenLias to enter data it online and when I’m in a store I do I make pictures of the books for the site “from paper to digital” There are now over 75,000 pages with pictures of the old baptism wedding-funeral and church members on books. These pictures are made by different people, some pages are also next to the transcriptions.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

Gini Webb
Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her grandchildren! Are you a genealogy blogger who would like to be interviewed for the “May I Introduce To You . . .” series? If so, contact Gini Webb via e-mail.

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