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New Genealogy Blogs 16 August 2014

New Genealogy Blogs - Saturday 16 August 2014

New Genealogy Blogs - Saturday 16 August 2014There are 6 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

19th century wellington

19th Century Wellington
Blog type: Geography, Ohio

“19th-Century Wellington” is an exploration of the people and landmarks that made up this rural Ohio town during its first decades. My intent is to share the information I have gathered through years of personal research, and hopefully connect with others who are engaged by the topic.

australian female convicts

Australian Female Convict Database
Blog type: Australia, Australian

Kim and Kristy of KKGenealogy welcome you to the Australian Female Convict Database.  This project is designed to involve the genealogical community in developing a database of Australian Female Convicts.  It is hoped that with community support the project will enable future researchers to freely access vital information and to immortalise our convict women ancestors with the goal of inspiring others to hold them in the esteem they so duly deserve.

Amidst all the hardships of Colonial  Australia, convicted women held the colony together through their tireless work as hutkeepers, washerwomen, needleworkers, cooks, servants, wives and mothers. They lost their past lives, their past sensibilities, and hardened to the new life thrust upon them. They bred the children of the new colony, the first Australians. They did this with limited help, hygiene, regard or respect.

As many researchers are aware Australian Female Convicts are under-represented as a group in historical collections.  The aim of this database is to provide future researchers with a simple collection of evidence, fully referenced, and collated into a consistent format for free download.

We make no suggestion that the information provided by our researchers is entirely correct but we rely on referencing to give credence to information submitted. If you are downloading material from our site, be sure to do your own research, based on the referencing clues submitters have provided, to confirm or refute the evidence provided.  If you do find errors, please alert us to it, with correct referencing as evidence so we can alter the information as it comes to hand.

The database is available for free and is a work in progress.  It will continue to grow so bookmark the site and return frequently to read about our new submissions.  It is our belief that knowledge of the founding mothers of our country should not be held for only the wealthy to access but should be available for all to enable interest and research to grow.  Your contributions to the database will ensure this perpetuates.

Use the database by browsing for a lady’s name from the alphabetical menu on the right of your screen.

When you have found her, click on her name to be taken to her page.  A “Download Now” link is provided at the top of each convict lady’s personal page.  This enables you to access a printable version of the information which can be added to your research collection.

family resarch services

Family Research Services
Blog type: Professional, Research, Vendor

Genealogy advice, tips, and tricks for searching family history.


Blog type: Education, Research

The GeneaDictionary was launched by Jill Ball aka GeniAus, on July 12, 2014. Presently in its infancy it is a work in progress.

Some of these words which originated outside the geneasphere have been adopted by genealogists.

My geneablogging friends and genimates are all encouraged to contribute words, pictures and stories to the GeneaDictionary, There will be an alphabetic listing of words, phrases and akas on the Dictionary page with links to explanations or articles about the words and phrases included in the dictionary and from time to time I, and hopefully others, will contribute articles on the etymology of those words, phrases and akas.

This blog is intended to be lighthearted and fun. There is no intention for it to be a place of academic excellence with a high level of scholarship.


Blog type: Chile, Latino

Genealogía para toda edad. Blog dedicado a la genealogía y asuntos relacionados.Consejos para hacer investigación. Reuniones Familiares,Genealogía e Historia Familiar para Niños, Archivos y Museos, Conferencias,Conservación de documentos, Familias Chilenas. Clases, talleres y charlas, exposiciones objetos museales. Blog asociado:,con publicaciones de eventos de Historia Familiar y Genealogía.

Genealogy for all ages. Blog dedicated to the genealogy and educational/advice issues for research. Family Reunions, Genealogy and Family History for Kids, Archives and Museums, Conferences, Conservation documents, Chilean Families. Classes, workshops and lectures, exhibitions museum objects. Blog partner: genea-event publications,con Family History and Genealogy.

genealogy and other jottings

Genealogy and Other Jottings
Blog type: Family, United Kingdom

Genealogy or perhaps more Family History. Not just straight forward (or backward) family lines, but brothers and sisters, the neighbourhoods that they lived in and some information about what was happening at the time.

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