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New Genealogy Blogs 13 July 2013

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 9 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:


Blog type: Professional, Writing

I’m a professional genealogist, university adjunct, and former literary agent’s memoir proofreader. My favorite genre is memoir with family history or ancestral threads/themes. I call it “ancestoir,” and I blog about my own ancestry while teaching readers how to draft their own “ancestoirs.”

ancestors in aprons

Ancestors In Aprons
Blog type: Family

Think of this page as the cover of a family cookbook. Behind the cover you’ll find pages stuffed with recipes, but also clippings about weddings and births and deaths, photos of people who lived long ago and memories of the people of today who use the old china and silver, the old recipes, the linens soft from washing and washing and washing.

Mostly, Ancestors with Aprons presents my rambling thoughts about how all the people who came before me are with me in the kitchen and the dining room. And how their lives were different from today and from each other. Not just in regard to food, but also how they lived in general. And how I hope to pass on my memories and theirs to  younger generations. But I want to hear your stories, too.

While I do not claim to be a genealogist, I dabble a bit, and welcome comments and information from people who might be following some of the same family lines. See the page titled Family Names for the surname list.

Do you have this feeling that the prior generations are looking over your shoulder as you cook? What are your favorite food and family stories? Do you have questions about how they did things in 1800′s? What the Pilgrims really ate? What new things the pioneers on stagecoaches learned as they traveled? So do I.

If you know me personally or through A Traveler’s Library, you may know that I have been a travel writer for nearly twenty years, and a reader since I was five years old. More about me on the Who Am I page. As I add articles here, you’ll see where I got that gypsy in my blood. And the love of words, too.

But I also love cooking–not the fancy culinary creations kind of thing–just messing around in the kitchen with whatever happens to be in the fridge or whatever was at the Farmer’s Market last weekend.  Perhaps you’ll find some new ideas here–about food or about genealogy. Perhaps you’ll meet someone you know.

I love family dinners where I can drag out Great Grandma’s turkey platter, grandma’s butter dish, and mother’s linens and tell their stories to the youngsters. The Andersons, the Stouts, the Stones, the Bassetts on one side–the Kasers and the Butts family on the other. And of course my husbands’ all-Swiss family–the Badertschers, Bairs, Stuckeys.  I’m hoping that some of these relatives will chime in with family stories and recipes.

I welcome contributions from my family members and from anyone else who wants to share their thoughts about family and food. Please see the contributor’s page.

Doukhobor Photos

Doukhobor Photos
Blog type: Canadian, Photography, Russian

About three years ago, my father-in-law William (Bill) Demoskoff, born and raised Doukhobor, decided to downsize the contents of his small seniors’ apartment. Among the things he gave to his son Michael and I were four photograph albums. Unfortunately, many photos didn’t have any information as to who the individuals were. We didn’t know how or even if they were related to the Demoskoff family. For this reason, I created this blog of vintage “orphan” photos of Doukhobor men, women and children in case someone can help identify them.

fourth generation california genealogist

Fourth Generation California Genealogist
Blog type: California, Family

My blog will offer my own analyses of various genealogical problems I’ve encountered in my own research.

know their stories

Know Their Stories
Blog type: Family

Welcome to Know Their Stories.  I hope you enjoy reading along.

I started this blog in an effort to share the family history research I’ve done, and the photos, letters and documents I’ve inherited from family members.

In the years before my Grandma Smith died, we spent many long afternoons talking about genealogy and looking through family albums.  These special dates were something we both enjoyed enormously.  My grandmother had worked for decades to research our family’s history, and I learned so much from her about our ancestors.  Every genealogist hopes that the next generation will provide someone to carry their legacy and further their research.  I promised my Grandma that I would be that person.  She treated me to all her family stories and dearest memories, and entrusted me with the letters and photos that go along with them.  So, now I have all this information, and I’m fulfilling my promise to share it as best as possible.

I’ve been asking myself for some time how to best communicate our history with my family.  In the past, I’ve written some short family history documents and then emailed them around to cousins.  However, creating those kinds of histories is very time consuming and I’ve only just scratched the surface.  I’m hoping that a blog format will enable me to get more information out to family in a shorter period of time.  I’m also hoping it will be interactive, and allow family members to ask questions and share their own memories.

My goal for this blog is to share what I’ve learned, share the photos and documents that were given to me, and create conversations about our family history.  I will also be including posts about my husband’s family, since I’ve done quite a bit of work on his family’s genealogy, as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to know more about a particular family line.


Blog type: Latino, Spain

Me llamo Mireia Nieto, soy una persona inquieta, inmersa en una incesante búsqueda de respuestas sobre la vida.Vivo en Barcelona en una casa por la que han pasado ya 5 generaciones. En 2011 comencé a dedicar el tiempo libre junto a mi pareja a construir el árbol genealógico de la familia. Durante este tiempo he hablado con mi gente, he recorrido pueblos, ciudades y barrios, he visitado parroquias, he reunido a familiares que llevaban décadas sin verse, me he emocionado compartiendo historias y viendo fotografías, he leído libros, me he formado en genealogía y he reflexionado mucho acerca del sentido de lo que hacía.

Este proceso, que nunca se acaba, ha sido tan gratificante que he decidido dedicarme plenamente a esta ciencia, un campo que no deja de aportarme cosas positivas a mi vida. Espero ayudarte también a ti en tu camino de investigación.

Si quieres conocerme algo más, puedes leer la entrevista que me hizo la periodista Gemma Tramullas para la contraportada de El Periódico del sábado 16 de marzo de 2013 y otra en el blog Mi neurona se emociona.

Translation (via Google Translate):

My name is Mireia Nieto. I’m a restless person, immersed in a constant search for answers on life. I live in Barcelona in a house where my family has lived for the past five generations . In 2011 I began to spend free time with my partner to build the family tree of the family. During this time I talked to my people, I have traveled towns, cities and neighborhoods, visited parishes, and met others I had not seen in many years. I am excited to share stories and pictures, books that I’ve read.  I’ve studied genealogy and I think a lot about how to research family history.

This process, which never ends, has been so rewarding that I decided to devote myself fully to this science, a field that continues to bring me positive things to my life. Hopefully I can also help you in your research path.

the creola genealogist

The Creola Genealogist
Blog type: Family, Jewish, Portuguese

I began my blog about a year ago as a means of sharing interesting family history with my family. I’ve just moved my blog to but I had almost 9000 views. My family is from the country of Cape Verde. My entries have dealt with issues of mixed race heritage, Jewish ancestry and traditions although I was raised catholic and the stories I heard as a child that I have been able to confirm with my research.

the old trunk in the attic

The Old Trunk In The Attic
Blog type: Family

Born and raised in Nebraska.  Married (but a golf widow) with a daughter who now lives on her own. I’ve been researching my family history for over 20 years.

tombstones and travels

Tombstones and Travels
Blog type: Australia, Cemeteries, Family

Here at Tombstones and Travels, Peter and Susan will be sharing their fascinating genealogy research finds. Our main topics of interest are stories and photos of the places that we travel to such as Kempsey NSW and the surrounding districts since this is where many of the Hourigan family settled and stayed their whole lives, and the graveyards where our ancestors are buried.

The aim of this blog is to give facts, personal research stories and the findings of our genealogy research in an interesting and informative way.

If anyone wishes to share their stories of Kempsey NSW or any surrounding districts please feel free to send us an email here at the Tombstones and Travels blog.

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