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New Genealogy Blogs 12 July 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 4 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

branches and twigs

Branches and Twigs
Blog type: Canada, Canadian, Family

I am always thinking, searching, researching and creating! Branches & Twigs has been my hobby for the past 14 years. It all started with a university course in sociology, the assignment was to complete my family tree with symbols. This was way back in 2000 and the rest is history! 😉 I love history and research which became my obsession. One day I looked at all I had accomplished and decided I want to share my findings and knowledge with whomever wants to come along with me for the ride.

love of heritage

Love of Heritage
Blog type: Family

Hello! My name is Kristen and I have designed a blog to help chronicle my family history findings as I research or learn new facts. I intend this blog to be rich with stories, photos and a “love of heritage.”

I feel a deep connection to the family ties in which I was born into. I am not sure why I feel this connection unlike most others, but it is something I value very much. Family means a lot to me. Knowing the stories, the whereabouts and the ideas my ancestors had, gives me an intimate connection to them and maybe in some way, let’s me feel a closeness to them as if I actually knew them.

I have been researching for over 16 years, but more heavily since about 2009.

I am excited to get this blog going as it’s been a vision in my mind for years. I had a personal blog which I chronicled some of my family history, however, I decided to put that blog to rest about two years ago. It was a time in my life in which I needed a new start.

Please come along and join me on this fun ride of discovery of one’s roots. I hope it can allow you to gain more perspective on your own and help you start researching and collecting facts!

All my best!

murch one name study

Murch One-Name Study
Blog type: Surnames

What is a One-Name Study?  The Guild of One-Name Studies says it “…involves research into the genealogy and family history of all persons with the same surname and its variants.”

The MURCH One-Name Study grew out of my fascination for my father’s mysterious middle name – Edmund Samuel Murch Haywood.  I soon found my great great grandmother, Johanna MURCH, and discovered that both male and female ancestors in this line were all lacemakers, woolcombers, silk weavers – and all were nonconformists.  From comparatively humble beginnings, the MURCHes rose until Johanna’s sister, Emily, became a Court dressmaker.

But those are my own ancestors.  The purpose of this one-name study is to gather data about all MURCHes everywhere.


Blog type: Education, Genealogy Industry

The WikiChicks are Eowyn Langholf and Tami Osmer Mize, two enthusiastic and long-time contributing members to the genealogy community.  Through their working together at, a free online collaborative family tree (Eowyn as the Forest Elf, and Tami as the Playground Monitor) both have come to love and embrace the Wiki concept of collaboration and sharing.

They were manning the WikiTree booth at RootsTech 2014 when popular genealogy blogger Randy Seaver dropped by for a visit and after chatting for a few minutes dubbed them the WikiChicks.

Tami is known to many as the creator of the free RelativelyCurious Internet Genealogy Toolbar, as well as being the author of a few FamilyTree Magazine articles, and many, many lectures around the US on using the internet effectively for quality genealogical research.  Her favorite genealogy words are Free, Collaborate, Share, and Eureka!

Eowyn loves dead people. She recently created Returning Hearts, a project dedicated to finding letters written by and to soldiers during past wars and returning them to family members where they belong.  She is also a lecturer and a social media maniac!  You can check out her newest blog: Genealogy of a Forest Elf.

Together, they hope that their WikiChicks Genealogy News Network will help inform, educate and assist their genealogy friends (and all genealogists are friends, aren’t they?) with keeping up to date on what is going in the genealogy world in the way of interesting news, great research tips and upcoming events anywhere they are to be found.

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