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New Genealogy Blogs 12 April 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

budding genealogists

Budding Genealogists
Blog type: Education

So you are thinking about learning who your ancestors are or where they come from but the very thought seems just another impossible task?

Often events happen in one’s live to begin the thoughts of doing family history or genealogical research.

Perhaps it is just a simple curiosity of wondering about ones family’s ancestry or an assignment from a child at their school has prompted an interest.

Regardless of the reason, you have come to the right place for guidance with your genealogical/family history journey into discovering your ancestors.

Budding Genealogists will provide step by step guidance to help you regardless where you are in this new ancestral adventure. Whether you are just taking the first steps in your research, already started to do some research, would consider yourself to know a little bit or you are even a hobbyist, this blog hopes to provide practical guidance in all things genealogical.

One of the first things to consider is where you are today, your family, your children and all you are involved in are the very beginnings of your own genealogical journey. Whether you are writing in a baby book, creating a picture book for a child, keeping mementos for your family members and recording in some way those important milestones in life, each of these are steps towards putting together your current generation. Something that can easily overlooked but is very important.

Some beginning steps to get things going would be to take time to organize those important documents for each person in your family and decide if you will be recording this information in paper format, in a software management program or in an online database program. All of these ways are good, the decision is yours. We will review each these recording methods in the next few blogs so that by the time the review is complete, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you at this time.

Choose some time, once a week or once a month to begin to collect these things in one central place, this will make organizing easier. These simple steps will result in a successful ancestral journey.

family legends

Family Legends
Blog type: Family

I have never been all that interested in diagraming family trees but I do enjoy researching the stories of people who were a part of my life – even if they didn’t know it!  If I can’t find specifics on the people themselves, I try to figure out what they were living through at the time in their communities.  People seem to enjoy my stories and I always try to include either pictures or illustrations to enhance the experience and make it more real.

peerage and steerage

Peerage and Steerage
Blog type: Family

Peerage and Steerage = A place to chronicle as much of my family’s history — and stories — as I can. Welcome!

who we were

Who We Were, Are & Will Be Our Family
Blog type: Family

It all started innocently enough. I have always had a very strong sense of “family,” and therefore also had a deep-seeded need to know where I came from. And like most people, I started with my surname “Walker.” Ironically for several reasons that would also prove to be one of the toughest nuts to crack, especially for a fledgling genealogist.

First, my paternal grandfather had passed away decades ago, and no one, including me, had the good sense to interview him before he died. Not to say he would have told us the truth anyway! But more about that later. He was the baby of his family, and all his siblings had also passed away, so that avenue was a dead end.

Second, my paternal grandfather had been raised for as long as he could remember by his mother and his step-father. He never knew his real father, and as far as we know no one ever told him who he was, or did they?

Third was all the “hearsay” stories about our family history. Nature abhors a vacuum so something had to go there. My paternal grandfather used to say we were “Pennsylvania Dutch.” This was allegedly done, according to family history, because we were German and to dissuade negative encounters during World War 1. Following on that idea, came the speculation that our Walker surname had become anglicized, and was originally “Voker” or “Vokker” or some sort. None of which would prove true.

Finally, because I was such a newbie, I really made it harder than it had to be. I was often trying to force Ancestry.Com to give up what it didn’t have, and that I could have gotten easily with a few letters to some courthouses.

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