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New Genealogy Blogs 10 August 2013

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ascending the stairs

Ascending The Stairs
Blog type: Family

These stairs lead to the rooms where my Great-Great-Great Grandfather James Ramsay Dey was raised in Ramsayburg, New Jersey in the mid 1800′s.  He lived with his Grandparents  James and Catherine Ramsay in the home where they also ran a general store business next to the Delaware River.  His mother died when he was just a few years old.  His father, Dr. William Dey, remarried and most likely died of alcoholism when he was 13.

His life was full of tragedy and renewal and I love each piece of new of information I discover that makes him more real to me.

Our ancestors stories lie within the records, letters and events of their times.  They want to tell the story of who they were, what they accomplished, where they traveled, who they loved, what heartache they suffered and what may have led them to make their choices.

But the fascinating part of the journey up the stairs to each one of our ancestors, is that through telling us about their lives, we learn how we came to be who we are.

chantalls genealogie

Chantalls Genealogie
Blog type: Dutch genealogy, Family

Hello, I’m glad you bring a visit to my website. Are you also interested in your family history, as I? Years ago I for my grandfather and his siblings went looking for the final resting place of their grandmother. After I had found – which was pretty quick, because your family tree is not hard to figure out – I was completely hooked on ‘pedigree’ and that, to date so. So be warned: once you start figuring out your family tree, then you could ever wish for sweet. Possibly you have already encountered! On this website you’ll find:



Reinhart / Runhart ‘Dijkstra’ is my mother’s family, and ‘Kruizinga’ of my father, and therefore mine. Reinhart / Runhart is a family. The name changes over time. Currently there are several variants in circulation, but they are – at least the branch that stems from Overijssel – to a family. This is the name of my father’s mother. That you’re here, that means you have something with one of these families. Are your ancestors may have on this site? Right for you and / or name search. Please note that spelling variations: Runhard, Runhart, Reinhart, Runnarts, Kruizinga, Kruizenga, Cruizinga etc. Information about surviving persons and that of non-public records is not on this site, but only on my computer. If anything is unclear, incorrect, or you have an addition, please let me know . Have fun! Greetings, Chantall

genealogical ponderings

Genealogical Ponderings
Blog type: Professional, UK Genealogy

Welcome to the Blog section of Professional Family History’s website. Here you will find a collection of my thoughts, ideas and general ramblings regarding genealogy research, interesting sources and genealogy events throughout the year.

Professional Family History offers family tree packages & local research in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire & Suffolk to private clients and professional genealogists.

more than marks on paper

More Than Marks On Paper
Blog type: Family

John Leasil Brasher is my great-grandfather.  He was born in Kentucky, and his ancestors lived there for several generations.  This blog is for research I have done on his family and ancestors in hopes of sharing what I know and finding others who can tell me more.

Once I have posted all my research on his line, I will start posting information on my other great-grandparents.  Comments are welcome as well and insights and information that may further the research.

out here studying stones

Out Here Studying Stones
Blog type: Cemeteries, Family

I got the genealogy bug about 10 years ago. I’d like to think it was brought on by my quest to help my father-in-law learn more about his family (both parents died when he was quite young), but in reality genealogy is part of my heritage. I grew up with two professional genealogist aunts, both my Dad’s sisters.

My research focuses mostly on my husband’s side of the family and my mother’s side of the family.

In general, I am researching the following:

Felver, Warner, Hill, and Hess families in Ohio, New Jersey and New York (Brooklyn).

Marnie, Rulon, Stahl, Bolesta, and O’Donnell families in Philadelphia and other areas of Pennsylvania.

padillys melting pot

Padilly’s Melting Pot
Blog type: Family

My Background:

My name is Mrs. Padilly  (aka DM Johnson). In the spring of 2012, I started my first blog, Mrs. Padilly’s Travels @ This is a travel blog on “tall tales, unusual sights, historical places, and the beauty of Texas.” However, around the same time I started this blog, I began genealogy research on my family. Little did I know then, how this new “hobby” would become such a passion.

My Ancestry Roots:

Basically, I’m the classic American Mutt. My ancestors come from across the European continent and North America. Looking at my family tree, I guess one could say I’m somewhat a newcomer to the United States: Early 1900′s for my Eastern European side, and mid 1800′s from that distant land of Canada, who came over from the British Isles, and then toss in a little German, and, as I’m finding out, maybe even Scandinavian.

Vintage Me – Everyone has one of these. Yes?

I’m certain I’m not going to find any early American settlers in my family tree, but I did find a couple civil war soldiers, who turned out to be uncles from Canada, volunteering for the North. Not only did I discover they were Canadian, but I also discovered I have a large group of relatives who live(d) there, including several of my great grandparents. They lived just across the border, and I never knew! I just assumed everyone immigrated directly to the US from Europe. How could I not know?  I believe it is because my great-grandfather Minnes, who came alone to the US, died at a young age. With his death, the stories didn’t go away, but the facts about who and where, did.

My Genealogy Experience:

Although I am relatively new to genealogy research, I’m a strong researcher and feel I have made remarkable discoveries in a very short time (stories I will share with you in this blog). But there is still SO MUCH to learn! Augh! For the experienced genealogist reading this blog, I welcome your comments!!! Do you see me going full speed into a brick wall? Don’t hold back on letting me know I’ve got it wrong! I hope I can pay you in return with stories you will enjoy reading, ideas for displaying your family heirlooms, fun folk art, and unique foods.

The Goal for My Blog:

To share some of the stories of my ancestors, with anyone who will listen.

To share with you what I have learned about genealogy research, including the mistakes that I have made (many), and to seek knowledge from my reader’s expertise.

To possibly discover a few new relatives.

To share with you the cultural foods and folk art of my ancestors.

To ultimately help guide my readers through the process of creating a professionally bound family history book – from concept to print.  (For two decades I taught in the field of visual communications for a local college, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge of design and publishing with that project.)

shaking my tree

Shaking My Tree
Blog type: Family

I’m a happy mom, a long time wife, and a perpetual student, I’m a born and bred southern California girl, I truly love sunny winters.  I’ve been excitedly studying and practicing the profession of genealogy for more than 30 years, I truly believe I have the subject figured out, now if the records would cooperate I’d have the family all accounted and evaluated.  I keep shaking the family tree and some interesting people fall out, the stories from their lives are extremely interesting.

I’m half Danish, and half mutt, mainly English and Scandinavian, I have been working on the mutt side of the family, well hey, it is the easiest to figure out, I dabble in Scandinavian records, but by no means have that area mastered; I have some intriguing family lines to research, beginning with Smith, every genealogist’s favorite variety of name.  I have Hiller, Hopkins and Hirsch, along with Young, Butler and Stevenson; I also have Jordan, Jellison and Wescott; I’ve traced my Jordan family line back many, many generations, and have gathered some very interesting knowledge of New England history along the way.

Of the thousands of family that I have touched upon I have a few favorites, and those are the stories I hope to tell in this blog and by no means will these be complete profiles of the family member I highlight, just a fragment of their lives that I’ve found through my research.  I welcome any and all helpful comments, and comments that will make me rethink the members I have highlighted are also welcome.  So sit back with a can of Diet Coke and enjoy the stories.

tangled roots and trees

Tangled Roots and Trees
Blog type: Family

This is a blog about the tidbits I find along the way in my genealogy research, which I took over from my Dad a few months ago. It’s a labor of love for a man who gave me a wonderful childhood and still today shows me how to get joy out of life even when it’s hard.

townland of origin

Townland of Origin
Blog type: Irish genealogy

My name is Joe Buggy and welcome to Townland of Origin. The primary focus of this blog is Irish genealogical research in North America. The temptation is strong to start researching in Ireland when you know, or find out, that you have Irish ancestry. But the clues to where your ancestors are from can often be found on this side of the Atlantic. While some articles will focus on geography, culture & history, it is hoped that the blog will help get you one step closer to finding where your ancestors come from.

I’m one of those rarer genealogy obsessives in that I am under 35, so most of my friends are retirees. I have previously worked as a professional genealogist in New York City and am currently a research associate at the Irish Ancestry Research Centre, Limerick, Ireland. For research inquiries see

My first book, Researching Your Irish Ancestors in New York City, will be published in early 2014. Previous niche blogging efforts have focused on a one name study of my unusual second name and local history in a part of stickfightin’ country. You can follow me on twitter at @NYCgenealogist. Follow me and I’ll tweet you. #maybe

In case you are wondering, yes that is my real name and yes it is Irish. It’s an anglicized version of Ó Bogaig(h). It’s a rare name and there are not that many of us. We can nearly all trace our ancestors back to Kilkenny and Laois. I bet all you Murphys, Ryans and Kellys wish you had my name!

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