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New Genealogy Blogs May 1, 2010

new genealogy blogs

[Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are 16 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1,030 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ang aming angkan

Ang Aming Angkan
Blog type: Individual family history, Philippines genealogy

In English, “our family”. These pages chronicle my continuing family history research. Aside from documenting my Filipino ancestry, I also hope to create fitting biographies for the many incredible people in our family tree and to revisit places that were once called home. The inspirations and discoveries on my path to becoming the best Filipino genealogist I can be, will find their way here.

edwins genealogy blog

Edwin’s Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history, UK Genealogy

My name is Edwin Berry. I am a 73 year young retired Canadian. Born in England in 1936, I have lived in Canada since 1968. I currently live in Toronto, Ontario. My wife and I recently returned to this Province after a five-year stay in British Columbia. I have three adult children, one adult step-son, and two grand-children.

For relaxation and personal satisfaction (and perhaps an obsession), I research my family genealogy (all British), write family history articles, and take photographs. I have published letters in “Practical Family History” and both letters and articles in the British magazine “Family Tree.” I have also contributed letters and comments to other genealogical publications.

It has been my pleasure to deliver workshops on researching British genealogy. I am currently available to help other people explore and research their (British or Canadian) genealogy and family histories. I can be contacted at

family tree circles

Family Tree Circles
Blog type: Genealogy vendor

This is the inaugural post for the FamilyTreeCircles blog.
I was previously putting FTC news and information in as journals (because after all, the journals are just like blog posts), but I feel like they’re getting lost in the many amazing family journals that people are posting there.
Here I’ll post FTC news and information and other ramblings of this website owner, as well as other genealogy news and happenings.

forks in my family tree

Forks In My Family Tree
Blog type: Individual family history, Polish genealogy

Born and raised in Greenpoint, Brooklyn the daughter of a Polish immigrant father who became a citizen and a Greenpoint born and raised mother. I have a passion for many things, one of them is my family history. Here is where I’ll share my journey to tracing the branches one twig at a time.

genealogy geek

Genealogy Geek
Blog type: Individual family history, Technology blog

What’s the point of this site? In addition to getting my own family research “out there” into the world, I want to engage the genealogical community in discussion around best practices, technology, tips and tricks, and engaging in the next generation of Record Keepers. And you’ll probably see some publishing and photography thrown in too as they are part of what I do.

So, who the heck am I? I’m the wearer of many hats and master juggler of the to-do list. I’m a mom, wife, geek, life-long student, should-have-been-librarian, family Keeper Of The Records, and ex-Borg with penchants for genealogy, technology, photography, publishing, lovable labs, and dark chocolate.

You’re still reading? OK…I started researching my family’s history longer ago then I can remember, but do have the application I filled out for my great-grandfather’s Civil War military papers. I was 13. I was a geek even then. Want to know more? Come on by.

granny gramps place

Granny & Gramp’s Place
Blog type: Individual family history

Frank & I have been doing genealogy for several years and we have been working a shift at the Family History Center, but had to quit due to our surgeries. Our favorite genealogy site is: and we are excited that the Las Vegas Temple district has just recently been allowed to the site. We love researching our families and have spent hours and hours doing so. We are the Family History Consultants for our Ward.

jirene gen tips

Jirene’s Genealogy Tips
Blog type: Genealogy education blog

In the blog world I have come to realize I really appreciate blog posts with great content, rather than a daily post with insignificant information (just because the writer is compelled to post daily). Time is precious to me, and I know it probably is to you as well. Hence, my goal is to make this blog somewhere you can go to quickly learn a little, then get on with researching!

If you have any sites to suggest for my topics, see any broken links, or have a topic you want me to write about, please send me your suggestions!

katies scriven hall

Katie’s Scriven Hall
Blog type: Individual family history

My GreatGreatGrandmother was Jane Bury Scriven. She was married to Edward Kentish Evans. So her full name was Jane Bury Scriven Evans. I know she is unknown to almost everyone, outside of my own family of relatives.
You will probably know better the name of her older brother, who was Joseph Medlicott Scriven. Yes, the hymn writer. Actually the lyric writer of the poem, ‘Pray Without Ceasing’, or better known as, ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’.

I started working on my family history when I was a kid. The scraps I’d hear the grown-ups mention were so interesting. Like previews of the next episode on a TV show. Yet, I could never get a straight answer. How grown-ups love to send the kids packing, so they can talk better with the other adults. So the Scriven family, the Evans family and all my other names have been a wonderful lifelong hobby to research.

And it never ends, there is always something more to look for. I don’t hunt for diamonds, or pan for gold ( some of my California 49er ancestors did – and found it! ). I don’t expect to win the big lottery ( just winning a $1 scratcher makes me happy ) or the Publishers Clearinghouse ( who wouldn’t love to open their front door and find them outside ).

My treasure is getting out and finding someones grave – heck! sometimes just figuring out where the cemetery is supposed to be. And I have tramped many small cemeteries trying to find the right place for a particular person. OR finding a certain document, or finally making contact with someone who has information – & why didn’t I meet them from the get go?

So, because my GreatGreatGrandmother seems unknown to the world, it’s been on my mind for some time to start this site.

If anyone cares to visit back, your most welcome to get in touch here. I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this, but it will be interesting to see. And even if I hear from noone at all, I can pretend I’m writing letters to my dearest Mother who has been dead now so many years, and share things with her.

ottawa valley irish

Ottawa Valley Irish
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

Welcome to Ottawa Valley Irish, a family history weblog with (coming soon!) value-added genealogy database.

Amongst other topics, this blog will offer bits and pieces of family history relating to the Morans of Huntley, the Laheys and Killeens of March, the McGlades of Perth, and several other branches of my family; along with tips and tricks for identifying Irish origins through Canadian sources; for searching census records and census substitutes; and for deciphering and interpreting Catholic parish records.

petterano family

Petterano Family
Blog type: Individual family history, Italian genealogy

This Blog is dedicated to the men and women from Pettorano sul Gizio, Italy. It’s purpose is to assist with research, genealogy, family history and related information. The Blog will contain photos, obits, stories and much more – all about our family – the Pettorano Family!!!

restored memories

Restored Memories
Blog type: Genealogy vendor, Photography

Fixing photos and genealogy are my passions.I have been researching my family for over 15 years. I have always loved people from the past. Pictures in particular. I discovered Photoshop Elements software to fix and restore photos and became addicted. I am also a vegan and love the earth and being enviromentally friendly is very important to me.

southern greens

Southern Greens
Blog type: Individual family history, Florida genealogy, Georgia genealogy, North Carolina genealogy, South Carolina genealogy

My family history research blog covers mostly my sixteen families who originated in North and South Carolina prior to the Revolutionary War and migrated to other southern states Georgia and Florida.

spokane public library

Spokane Public Library Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Genealogy library blog, Washington genealogy

With a new year and a new web site we are also trying a new format, the blog. A blog is a posting with commentary about a specific issue, in this case, genealogy. I will be posting information about new resources, new web sites, and any new information about genealogy. Feel free to respond and tell me what you’d like to see or hear about. Looking forward to your responses! Genealogy Librarian.

sunny ancestry

Sunny Ancestry
Blog type: Individual family history

I have decided to take the plunge into blogging about my Genealogical Adventures, Goals and Achievements in my family search. I have been following a few different Genealogy Blogs over the past few years and have been learning more and more. I also attended Drew Smith’s Class at the Ohio Genealogical Conference in Toledo this year on “Using a Blog as Your Online Research Log”. I think I am ready! Lets see what we can figure out together….Kelly

vintage vignettes

The Vintage Vignettes
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

Family surnames: Johnson Johnston Acheson Fallis Clark Gates Hull Root Beeghly Miller

In 1988, my Mother received a handwritten tree for my Father’s family dating back to 1800. It was tucked away for about 15 years. Then in January 2003, for my Mom’s 90th birthday, I started to research her family. In March 2003, I surprised her with Memory Album. She loved it. So the search continues. . .

walnut acres

Walnut Acres Family Trees
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been doing our family trees for about 25 years. I started when I was homeschooling my children so they could learn about Michigan Indians. I have never stopped researching even though the kids are now all gone from home. It sure is fun!

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  2. Looking for the Scriven Family that lived in Toronto, Ontario Canada in the 1800. In particular trying to find records of my grandmother Anna Caroline Scriven, 1878-1955. she came to Michigan USA, but born in Canada. I think she may have had brothers Alfred and Charles. Hope someone knows about the family.

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