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Genealogy Blogging Beat – Sunday 17 August 2014

Aug 17, 1807. Robert Fulton began the first American steamboat trip between Albany and New York, NY, on a boat later called the Clermont. After years of promoting submarine warfare, Fulton engaged in a partnership with Robert R. Livingston, the US minister to France, allowing Fulton to design and construct a steamboat. His first success came in August 1803 when he launched a steam-powered vessel on the Seine. That same year the US Congress granted Livingston and Fulton exclusive rights to operate steamboats on New York waters during the next 20 years. The first Albany– New York trip took 32 hours to travel the 150-mile course. Although his efforts were labeled “Fulton’s Folly” by his detractors, his success allowed the partnership to begin commercial service the next year, Sept 4, 1808.

fulton's steamboat
Today is Sunday 17 August 2014, and here is what’s available in terms of Daily Blogging Prompts and other related events in the genealogy blogosphere:

Items of Note

  • Today: Davy Crockett’s Birthday, Fulton Steamboat Sails – Anniversary, and Mae West’s Birthday – Anniversary.
  • Each Sunday, Olive Tree Genealogy offers a new blogging prompt under the heading Tattle Tales. This week’s prompt: Let’s Visit Grandma. If you write your own blog and you are participating in this challenge, please use the hashtag #52SharingMemor.

Daily Blogging Prompts

Many genealogy and family history bloggers like to post to their blogs every day, but at times are at a loss for ideas. Take your inspiration from today’s Daily Blogging Prompts below – click on each prompt for a description. Prompts are a great way to create new content and you can participate in a community effort with other genealogy bloggers.

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