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You probably had the same thoughts when you started researching your family history, right? Did you have self-doubts and wonder if you had the skills to find your roots? Starting a genealogy blog is like starting to research your family’s history for the first time. Gather some information, set down some goals, and also make some notes about how to achieve those goals. Using the links in this primer and leveraging the resources at GeneaBloggers ( is a good start.

Once you get started with your genealogy blog, you will find many fellow bloggers willing to answer your questions and help out. You would be surprised at how many of today’s most popular genealogy bloggers got their start by simply reaching out to other genealogy bloggers and asking questions or asking for assistance.

And if you are worried that you can’t commit to posting to your blog on a regular basis, don’t worry. It is your genealogy blog and you set the schedule and the tone for your blog. You can post as little or as often as you’d like. And if you are stumped for blog post ideas, the genealogy blogging community has made it easy with Daily Blogging Prompts such as Tombstone Tuesday ( and Wordless Wednesday (

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