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Take it slow and step-by-step:

  • Find the genealogy blogs that interest you and read up on their posts. Make notes on the blog’s format, the author’s writing style, the type of content etc. Use these blogs as a stylistic basis for your own genealogy blog.
  • Some resources for locating genealogy blogs:


Genealogy Blog Finder

Google Blog Search

  • Create your first post. It should be an introductory post about you, your blog, your family history. Then congratulate yourself on getting started!
  • Visit GeneaBloggers and get your blog listed ( on its blog roll.
  • Go visit those genealogy blogs that inspired you and either send the author an e-mail thanking them or post a comment along with a link to your new blog.
  • Get involved in the genealogy blogging community by commenting on other blog posts and participating in carnivals.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions of your fellow genealogy bloggers: they all started out in the same place you just did. These successful genealogy bloggers are proof that learning to blog is a process and not an overnight one. Reaping the success and rewards of a great genealogy blog takes time and cultivation of your genealogy blog.

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