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Comments. The most important thing you can do in order to participate in the genealogy blogging community and to get your own blog noticed is to place comments on posts by other bloggers. When you make a comment, even as simple as saying, “Hello” or “I really enjoyed your post,” you not only recognize other bloggers but you create a link back to your own blog and profile on the Internet. Very often others who read comments will be curious as to who you are and will check out your blog.

Carnivals. A blog carnival is an organized on-line event in which bloggers create blog posts around a specific subject. Most genealogy-related carnivals accept posts from blogs as long as they are in keeping with the theme or subject matter and are submitted by the set deadline. The carnival host will create a “round up” posting listing all the posts submitted by other bloggers, sometimes with descriptions. Participating in a carnival is a great way to get a new blog noticed and to not only gain new readers and followers but also to create links back to your blog.

Daily Blogging Prompts. Similar to a carnival but it has a looser organization and usually does not involve a summary or “roll-up” post on another blog. Genealogy bloggers like these themes because it means one less idea you need to come up with for a blog post!

Daily Blogging Prompts are scheduled on a weekly basis, publicized by GeneaBloggers ( and focus on specific topics:

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