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It is very easy to get started with blogging and in fact, most blog platforms such as Blogger ( or WordPress ( can have you publishing your first post in about five minutes!

Most new bloggers tend to keep the look and feel of their blog simple. Many will only explore new features and formats after they’ve seen them appear on the blogs of fellow bloggers and will often ask, “how did you do that?” You will find that genealogy blogs run the gamut in appearance from very plain, simple and streamlined to chock-full of badges, widgets, and other fun items.

You’ll also find that as you get more involved with the genealogy blogging community, they tend to be a helpful bunch and there are many fellow bloggers with different types of technical knowledge who are willing to help. Becoming a member of GeneaBloggers ( (it’s free!) by submitting your new blog to the GeneaBloggers blog list helps as well ( GeneaBloggers can then help publicize your new blog, you’ll find new followers and also gain access to our technical resources such as the Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers blog ( with lots of “how to’s” on widgets, formatting, templates and more!

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