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Those of us who have genealogy blogs are more likely to rephrase the question as “Why shouldn’t I have a genealogy blog?” since many of us could not imagine pursuing our own genealogy research without one. If you were to ask any person currently blogging about either their own genealogy or the genealogy industry, you would probably hear the following:

  • Research: there are many instances of genealogists breaking down brick walls simply by posting information in their genealogy blog and having a search engine like Google pick it up for others to find. There are similar stories from researchers who read genealogy blogs: they find information about ancestors which was previously unavailable via databases, archives, etc.
  • Sharing with family: for some, their family can’t understand the research data in a genealogy database or notebooks. Genealogists can present family history information in small snippets on their genealogy blogs.
  • Connecting with family: many people have located cousins simply because of a genealogy blog. Some are cousins related going back eight or nine generations through a common ancestor. Others are first or second cousins about whom there was no information until they found the genealogy blog and tracked the author down.
  • Writing: having a genealogy blog helps improve your writing style and it helps put dates, facts and figures into a readable format.
  • Marketing: genealogy companies and genealogical societies leverage the social media power of blogs to publicize products and events.
  • Connecting with genealogists: many have found new ways of connecting with fellow genealogists through their genealogy blogs. Some of us are newly retired and are looking to build upon our genealogy hobby. Others are limited – either due to geographical isolation or physical limitations – in the opportunities to connect with other genealogists in person.
  • Blogging as an outlet: some of us are looking for a creative outlet due to either stressful job situations or family events which have brought about pain and turmoil.
  • Giving back: some genealogy blogs are set up to “give back” to the larger genealogy community in the form of education and research.

    © 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee