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Creating a blog is much like starting a garden: you will get out of it what you put into it. Some bloggers are happy to only post every so often and they may find that they don’t get many followers or comments on their posts. Others will post several times a week or even several times a day and also make sure they follow other bloggers and comment on blog posts. Basically you get a return based on your level of investment. But there really is no pressure to meet a “minimum” level of participation.

Some genealogy bloggers have become very adept at marketing their blogs and their blog posts including developing a “brand.” The technology available that allows you to market your blog (and all or most of it is free) is amazing. Genealogy bloggers are all over social media sites such as Facebook (, Twitter ( and others. Some good examples of genealogy blogs whose creators have built a “brand”:

There really is no limit as to how far you can go with a genealogy blog. In fact, if you check several of the more well-known genealogy bloggers, you will see that they maintain not just one genealogy blog, but several and some even have their own websites and domain names! A select few have managed to turn genealogy blogging into a business or at least an all-consuming pastime!

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