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A Genealogy Blog Primer – Updated

A Genealogy Blog Primer

In June 2009, we published a guide to genealogy blogging covering the hows and they whys and called it A Genealogy Blog Primer*.  Today we’re announcing an recent update which includes:

  • updated information and hyperlinks to genealogy blogs
  • an updated PDF file with large, easy-to-read type

You can click here to download the PDF format of the primer.

In addition, the primer and accompanying slide show are available for use by genealogists and genealogical societies who want to use it in lectures and meetings to spread the good word about the joy of genealogy blogging. Please contact us at for more information about utilizing this resource – for free!

* Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Genealogy Blogging But Were Afraid To Ask!

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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