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What Is GeneaBurger?

What is GeneaBurger? Think of it as an all-day/all-nite tech diner offering  sandwiches of blogging, genealogy and technology delights which you can build yourself.

We’ve taken all the best “how to” posts from the Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers site as well as right here at GeneaBloggers and created an easy to use menu.  You can select what you need when you need it. Available 24 hours a day.  We encourage substitutions, hope we’ll never be out of your favorite dish, and the best part: it’s totally free.

Want to know how to do a screen capture? We’ve got that.  How to annotate photos with text for Tombstone Tuesday? We’ve got that too.  And how about which blogging platform is better – Blogger or WordPress? Got it as well.

Feed Your Hunger

There is a separate RSS feed for GeneaBurger posts and you can sign up here.

GeneaBurger welcomes contributions and suggestions.  Just ask our short order chef Gene at and he’ll be happy to fill your order.  What, you were expecting a name like Cookie?

GeneaBurger Menu