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Geneabloggers Sponsors SCGS Jamboree Bloggers’ Summit

I’m happy to announce that Geneabloggers has signed on as the sponsor of what is sure to be a popular session at the Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree 2009:  Summit 2 – Son of Blogger.

“Son of Blogger” is a 2 /12 hour blogging summit with a star-studded panel of geneabloggers including:

George G. Morgan, Moderator
Leland Meitzler
Dick Eastman
Stephen Danko, Ph.D.
Lisa Louise Cooke
Schelly Talalay Dardashti*
Craig Manson
The Ancestry Insider

The description from the SCGS Jamboree website:

Genealogy bloggers, podcasters, and videocasters use the Internet in new ways that have changed communications to genealogists and family historians. They focus on providing news, educational information, and much more, making this generation of genealogists the most informed of all time.

How do they get the information? How have bloggers changed the flow of information between vendors and their customers? How can genealogists create family history blogs to help exchange information and locate cousins? What are the ethical issues of blogging? What tips do these pros have for starting your own blog? What tools are available to help bloggers get up and running?

Email your questions to the panel before the session

To get an idea of what last year’s summit was like, check out Randy Seaver’s write-up over at Genea-Musings.

Over the next few days I will have more exciting news about Geneabloggers’ presence at SCGS including a Twitter meet up, some neat apparel items for members of Geneabloggers and more.

Can you tell I’m excited?

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5 thoughts on “Geneabloggers Sponsors SCGS Jamboree Bloggers’ Summit

  1. Thomas – I am so excited! This is going to be my first genealogy conference ever – and to put this wonderful news on top of it just makes me even more excited!

    And I’m with Schelly – do we get T-Shirts?

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