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GeneaBloggers Radio – Show Notes for Friday, October 28, 2011


GeneaBloggers Radio Episode 41–a-genealogy-halloween-special

Friday, October 28, 2011
9pm-10:30pm Eastern US
8-9:30pm Central US
7-8:30pm Mountain US
6-7:30pm Pacific US
2am London UK
1pm Saturday Sydney AUS

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Haunted By Ancestors – A Genealogy Halloween Special!

Our special guests will include: Former screen actor turned professional genealogist Henry Z (“Hank”) Jones Jr. Hank will be discussing his popular book, Psychic Roots and how our ancestors often appear to guide us from beyond the grave in our genealogical journeys. Heritage Quest has stated that Hank is “without a doubt the most motivating and entertaining speaker you will hear on genealogical research!” Also joining us will be Paul J. Bunnell who is not only a genealogist and an expert in Loyalist studies, but a certified Ghost Hunter with the International Ghost Hunters Society in Paranormal Investigation. And we’ll talk to Melinde Lutz Byrne, FASG, who used to be a skeptic until she solved a haunting case that just couldn’t be explained any other way! In addition, we’ll speak with Jonathan Good of who will fill us in on the new Shoebox application which allows a user to scan photos and documents from an iPhone!


Hank Jones
Hank Jones

Henry Z (“Hank”) Jones, Jr. has been actively climbing family trees since the age of eight, and, since his graduation from Stanford, has specialized in tracing 18th century German emigrants. His books on the subject include The Palatine Families of Ireland, the two-volume The Palatine Families of New York – 1710 (winner of the Donald Lines Jacobus Award as “Best Genealogical Work of the Year”), More Palatine Families, Westerwald To America, and his brand new three volume set Even More Palatine Families. Hank has written many articles over the years that have appeared in The American Genealogist, National Genealogical Society Quarterly, The New York Genealogical & Biographical Record and other major publications. He recently received the NGS Award of Merit for “Distinguished Work in Genealogy” and has been elected a Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists, of whom there are only fifty in the world. Hank has served on the national board of the Genealogical Speaker’s Guild, as a Trustee of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and as a consultant on the popular NBC-TV program Who Do You Think You Are? Hank has given genealogy presentations in over 40 US states and Canada and continues to give all-day genealogical seminars to a variety of audiences.

As to his “other life” apart from genealogical research (and being a 3-day JEOPARDY! champion), Hank Jones was a film actor for twenty-five years. He appeared in many movies, among them eight films for Walt Disney studios (such as “Blackbeard’s Ghost,” in which he costarred with Peter Ustinov, Dean Jones, & Suzanne Pleshette). He was a familiar face on nearly 500 national tv commercials and has been featured on over 300 network tv shows such as “My Three Sons,” “Family Affair,” “Petticoat Junction, ” “Mod Squad,” “The Patty Duke Show,” “Mork & Mindy,” “The Jeffersons,” and “Love Boat” which still come back to haunt him on cable tv today. His new book Memories – The Show-Biz Part Of My Life tells of some of his off-the-wall experiences working with major stars such as Henry Fonda, Ron Howard, Robin Williams, Patsy Cline, Bob Hope, Minnie Pearl, Ringo Starr, and Elvis Presley. Hank also was active as a singer and songwriter, co-starring on ABC-TV’s Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, writing Mel Tormé’s hit song “Midnight Swinger,” and recording albums and singles on RCA and Capitol Records. His newest CDs are currently released on Epitomé Records.

Hank’s bestseller, Psychic Roots: Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy, a study of how intuitive nudges and serendipitous events sometimes influence our genealogical searches, is now in its 9th printing. It was dramatized on NBC’s “Unsolved Mysteries” program to good response from inside and outside the genealogical community and continues to be rebroadcast on cable tv to this day. Its sequel, More Psychic Roots: Further Adventures in Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy, drawn from his own experiences and those of over 200 other family historians from around the world, has just been published by Genealogical Publishing Company in Baltimore.

TIME Magazine recently had a cover story devoted to genealogy in the new millennium and chose to close the article and tie things together with a quote from – Hank Jones.



Paul Bunnell
Paul Bunnell 

For nearly 30 years, Paul has devoted himself to genealogy and Loyalist studies.  He later took credited classes through Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, greatly improving his skills and knowledge in the field. Accomplishments are wide; awarded an Accreditation and later a Fellowship at the American College of Genealogists of Illinois in the mid-1980’s; certified and registered lineage member of The United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada; and The Hereditary Order of Descendants of The Loyalist and Patriots of The American Revolution, Wash. DC. He has held past and present memberships in over 60 genealogical and writing organizations around the world, including lifelong memberships and chairman positions, including Irish membership with TIARA, and The Ballykilkline Society, Former President of the Violette Family Association, and member of the Massachusetts Genealogy Council. He is also certified with the International Ghost Hunters Society in Paranormal Investigation, and also as Ghost Hunter, and trainee investigator for MUFON. He was also one of the first volunteers to registered in the BYU blood donor program in their genealogical DNA study in the early 1990’s; and supporting member of MCNAA (Massachusetts Center For Native American Awareness); and  registered with the Corporation of Metis of Quebec and Eastern Canada; and member of the Metis Community of Eastern Canada; and Certified and registered Aboriginal Status with the Confederation of Nova Scotia Metis, Sou’ West Nova.  A registered member of the Koasek (Cowasuck) Band of Abenaki Nation, and editor of their newsletter, The Dawnland Voice, and one of their Tribal Genealogist, and Tribal Chief.  He is the editor and founder of the “Loyalist Quarterly” newsletter, the only U.S. Loyalist newsletter devoted to that history. Founder of the States Genealogical & Historical Vendor Conferences in Nashua, NH 2006. Past President of the Cape Cod Writer’s Association. Past Editor of The Falmouth Genealogy Society Newsletter.

His speaking engagements have been in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and New Brunswick, including TV interviews on Cape Cod, Mass. and Saint John, New Brunswick, with several newspaper articles including Saint John (NB), the Cape Cod Times (MA), and The Concord (NH) Monitor, and several others in New England.  In 1989, His Majesty The Prince Philip of Wales (England) accepted his first book, “Thunder Over New England, Benjamin Bonnell, The Loyalist,” and included it into the royal library collection at Buckingham Palace. He was also presented with the famous “Loyalist Pin” from the past Mayor, Elsie Wayne of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (The Loyalist City). He was awarded by The Waltham Massachusetts Historical Society’s “Edmund L. Sanderson Lecture Series award for Loyalist Lectures in March 2007. Paul has also produced several Internet articles on genealogy, including Black Loyalist, and Bonnell/Bunnell Loyalists. And let’s not forget the “Loyalist Ghost of Benjamin Bonnell.” He has lectured on International Teleconference Calls produced by on Loyalist, Metis, and other genealogy subjects. Publications are many; Thunder Over New England; The New Loyalist Index’s 1, 2, 3, 4; American Migrations & Documents Guide; The House of Robinson of Rhode Island & Baltimore, Maryland; Life of a Haunted House, The Barnstable House; Cemetery Inscriptions of The Town of Barnstable, Mass; Acadian & Cajun Cooking & Home Remedies; Research Guide to Loyalist Ancestors; Tumbleweed, The Nellie Markham Letters; Evacuee Loyalists of Boston, Mass. March 1776; New Hampshire Loyalist, and many others in progress. Paul enjoys traveling around lecturing or selling books at his Vendor table at conventions and conferences. He also does Loyalist and early Canadian French research for others out of his very large home library. In March 2005, he assisted and provided results on loyalists for the popular TV show, History Detectives, by Lion Television of New York. Paul also conducted a Loyalist talk on the “Forget-Me-Not”Radio and Internet History and Genealogy program produced by Jane Wilcox in Northern New York in 2011.  He now has produced French & North American Indian Marriages 1600-1800 series  helping Canadian French and Acadians find their Metis heritage. This very active genealogist created the very first State Historical & Genealogical Reporter Newsletter, the only internet  source newsletter devoted to New Hampshire related events, articles, societies, historical and genealogical happenings in that state. Paul has worked on Native American Committees for the proper recognition Bills in Vermont and New Hampshire. His Internet site is:, His email is He thanks all of his supporters.


Melinde Lutz Byrne

Melinde Lutz Byrne

Melinde Lutz Byrne, FASG, has been a genealogist since 1976 and has done forensic work since 1985. She is currently President of the American Society of Genealogists, co-editor of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and Program Director for the Boston University Genealogical Research Certificate Program, the new Essentials course, and Special Summer Seminars.



Jonathan Good

Jonathan Good

Jonathan Good is a cofounder of, a free website dedicated to telling the extraordinary stories of your family and ancestors in a beautiful way. He started 1000memories out of his desire to make sure everyone’s story is remembered and preserved for future generations. Jonathan has presented at a wide range of conferences included speaking at TEDx on “Now our memories can live forever” and featuring on a panel discussion on “Engaging the next generation” at the recent 2011 FGS conference.



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