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GeneaBloggers Radio – Show Notes for Friday, January 27, 2012


GeneaBloggers Radio Episode 52

Slave and Slaveholder Descendants, Collaborating

Friday, January 27, 2012
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Slave and Slaveholder Descendants, Collaborating

Join us for another episode of GeneaBloggers Radio with special host Angela Walton-Raji of the African Roots Podcast. This week our show is entitled Walking Together on the Same Path:  Slave and Slaveholder Descendants, Collaborating. Our special guests will include Bernice Bennett, a South Carolina researcher and host of the “Research at the National Archives & Beyond” radio show here on Blog Talk Radio. Bernice will speak about finding and meeting a descendant of her ancestor’s slave holder; then Betty McDade, genealogist and researcher of Edgefield, South Carolina who is a descendant of slave holders and works diligently to document the history of slaves held by her ancestors and throughout the community; and also Toni Carrier, host of the Lowcountry Africana website, who works to document descendants of slaves in the Low Country, and has worked with both slave holder descendants and slave descendants in Hilton Head, South Carolina.



Bernice Bennett

Bernice Bennett

Bernice Bennett is a family historian who has researched and documented her African American heritage in Orleans, St. Helena and Livingston Parishes of Louisiana and, Edgefield and Greenwood Counties of South Carolina. She is skilled at researching Freedmen Bureau, Federal Census, Homestead Land, Civil War Pensions Records as well as, State and Parish Civil Records.

Bennett is also a 2009 participant in the National Institute on Genealogical Research and the host of Research at the National Archives and Beyond” BlogTalkRadio show.

Bernice is a Volunteer Coordinator of the African American Special Interest Group for the Family History Center in the Greater Washington DC Center in Kensington, Maryland and, also a Volunteer Genealogy Aide at the National Archives in Washington, DC where she is preparing the Civil War Widows Pension Records for digitization.



Betty McDade

Betty McDade was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and moved to Texas in 1951; attended the University of Texas, Austin, before moving to Houston, Texas.  After 45 years in Houston, in 2002 she moved an hour’s drive away to the rural countryside of Washington County, Texas.

For years, Betty spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours at Houston’s Clayton Genealogical Library, researching the maternal side of her family, publishing a book on same in 1990. She continues her avid pursuit of genealogical research, and is currently wrapping up a book on her Butler ancestors of Edgefield County, South Carolina.

Toni Carrier
Toni Carrier

Toni Carrier (M.A.) is the Founding Director of Lowcountry Africana, a free website dedicated to African American genealogy and history in SC, GA and FL. Lowcountry Africana, sponsored by the Magnolia Plantation Foundation of Charleston, SC, is currently working with descendants of slaveholders and descendants of slaves, to document the history and genealogy of enslaved communities on Drayton family plantations in SC, GA, FL and TX.


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  1. Thomas,

    I recently found this game and when I saw the topic of today’s show knew I had to tell you about it.

    It is a role playing game for kids, although I have really enjoyed playing it, found at

    According to the website it is a “multimedia project that immerses players in U.S. history content through free interactive games.”

    The two games they have so far is for the Revolutionary War time period and the Civil War time period.

    For the Civil War game you are a 14 year old slave girl that lives in Kentucky. Through choices you make you try to navigate her escape into Ohio.

    I can tell you it is not easy.

    Hope you find it as interesting as I do and as useful to help children learn about these important time periods.

    Keep doing all the great things that you are doing.

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