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GeneaBloggers Radio – Show Notes for Friday, December 2, 2011


GeneaBloggers Radio Episode 45

Capturing Family Memories – All Year Round

Friday, December 2, 2011
9pm-10:30pm Eastern US
8-9:30pm Central US
7-8:30pm Mountain US
6-7:30pm Pacific US
2am London UK
1pm Saturday Sydney AUS

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Capturing Family Memories – All Year Round

Our special guests will include: Stefani Twyford, President and Founder of Legacy Multimedia in Houston, Texas who will help us understand why preserving family memories is so important and various methods you can use; Jennifer Shoer of The Scrappy Genealogist blog who’ll explain some of the methods and resources she uses to capture family memories; and Lorel Kapke of Sort Your Story whose product can help you organize not just your genealogy data but photos, stories and more!


Stefani Twyford

Stefani Twyford

Stefani Twyford is the President and Founder of Legacy Multimedia. She has more than 10 years-experience designing, developing, and implementing award-winning digital media solutions for small to medium sized companies. Prior to starting Legacy Multimedia, she was president of a successful Houston-based web design, e-commerce and marketing firm.

With degrees in design, psychology, and social work, Twyford is also creating a lasting legacy for digital media professionals by presenting and sharing her expertise with various related organizations. Twyford excels at helping people craft their stories and share their memories. Through her commitment to high-quality work and customer service, and a gift for putting people at ease, she creates award-winning video biographies and legacies. Her firm commitment to the arts, to the technology community, and to women in business has helped many others and served as inspiration for the next generation of talented professionals.

Based in Houston, Texas, Legacy Multimedia is a women-owned company established in 2003 by Stefani Twyford and Isabelle MacCrimmon, a pair of gifted artisans who share the same creative vision and the same keen interest in preserving personal legacies for posterity.  Legacy Multimedia’s mission is to help families, individuals, companies and organizations chronicle history, share life stories, connect generations and preserve their legacies in timeless, high-quality multimedia presentations. Pooling their well-developed talents in the fields of visual art, writing, directing, production and editing, Twyford and MacCrimmon have gained a reputation for offering the utmost quality in tribute videos and biographies, artful DVD video presentations, archival photo services, and faithful digital conversions for a discerning clientele that appreciates the lasting value of fine craftsmanship. Their work has earned industry honors from the highly-coveted Videographer Awards and the international Hermes Creative Awards.



Jennifer Shoer

Jennifer Shoer

Hi, it’s Scrappy Gen. In the real world, I’m known as Jen or Jennifer Shoer.

Currently I am a stay at home Mom, working on become a full time genealogist. In 1987 I graduated with a BA in Russian from the University of New Hampshire. For fourteen years I taught part time in our local Hebrew school. My formal genealogy education began with the Boston University genealogical research course in the spring of 2009 and I continue to broaden my knowledge by attending genealogy conferences and events.

I am located in southern New Hampshire and can easily access records in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. If you have any questions or need assistance with your own research, please email me at jshoer [at] jenalygen [dot] com.


Lorel Kapke

Lorel Kapke

I created Sort Your Story from my own passion for telling family histories, and to give others with a passion for genealogy an easy way to tell their own stories.

I credit my mother and her Kentucky cousin for lighting the spark. They began doing research of our family’s history when my family lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the 1950s. I used to love poring over the photographs and scrapbooks they compiled.

Over the years I’ve lived in various parts of the United States and traveled to many places around the world, fascinated by the variety of cultures a family includes. The two questions I’ve always carried with me are:

  • Where does my family history fit in?
  • Who were my ancestors and what stories do their lives tell that brought me to where I am today?

Following my mother’s death in 1992, my father and I returned to Wisconsin for a family research visit. I began searching in earnest for the documents needed to tell my paternal family history. I hired a professional genealogist, Alice Wendt of Wisconsin, to guide me in these early searches. Alice provided me with numerous documents and records, which fed the fire.

I needed to know more, so I continued to travel from California to Wisconsin in search of more information. I was fortunate to find cousins who sent me a compilation of my maternal family history written in German.

Through the years my husband, Dick Akio Morisawa, has traveled with me to Cedarburg, Wisconsin to research my paternal family history, and has supported my multiple trips to Salt Lake City to further my research at the Family History Library.

In 2003 I joined the Sonoma County Genealogy Society. From 2005 to 2007 I was the Society’s Program Chair. From 2007 To 2008 I was President of the Society. I returned to once again be the Program Chair from 2009 to 2010.

These experiences have made me keenly aware of the big problems both professional and amateur genealogists face when doing this research:

  • What do we do with the amount of information we have gathered, the diverse puzzle pieces of someone’s life?
  • How do we assemble the pieces into a clear visual story to share with others while using contemporary technology?

To assist in this process I have created Sort Your Story. I am familiar with the other methods that are available, and I know the complexity of putting together the pieces of the puzzle.  I created Sort Your Story to make what could be an overwhelming task both EASY and FUN!


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That’s right – we’ll be having another fun “after party” over at the genealogy room at ( where the theme will be: Christmas Memories. With this evening’s broadcast topic being about capturing memories, we invite you to upload the music that brings back special Christmas memories for you.  Not only can you listen to what others upload to,  but there is an interactive chat room where you can extend the discussion on education or whatever genealogy topic you want!

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