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Welcome New GeneaBloggers Partner – Conference Keeper

Conference Keepers

Conference Keepers

I’m proud to announce a new partnership with Conference Keeper here at GeneaBloggers!

Conference Keeper, created by Jen Baldwin, has quickly become one of the best resources to keep track of upcoming genealogy and family history conferences and events.

With the growing popularity of the GeneaBloggers site and trying to meet the needs of my consulting clients as well as serve on the board of several volunteer groups, I’m no longer able to enter genealogy-related events into the Google calendars that I maintain. (Don’t worry – this does not include blogiversaries!  I will always have time for that!)

When a business or endeavor like GeneaBloggers grows, you start looking for better ways to do things and for ways to work smarter and be more efficient. In this case, I figured why do the same thing that someone else in the community is doing just as well as I am, if not better. I feel Jen can do a better job at organizing the conference info, posting the calls for papers and more. The Conference Keeper site has a great look and is easy to navigate. If you haven’t yet paid a visit, I ask you to do so soon!

And if you find a genealogy conference or event that you feel should be included, make sure contact Conference Keeper and send Jen the details.


Over the next few weeks, I hope to announce more partnerships at GeneaBloggers that will not only improve the content you find here, but that will also help build a stronger genealogy community.

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  1. Thank you, Denise! The site has grown extensively since it first went up in Nov 2012, and I am very excited about this new partnership with GeneaBloggers. Please continue to add more events as you plan them or learn of them; always looking for more. ~ Jen

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