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GeneaBloggers Goes Mobile

GeneaBloggers Mobile

That’s right – you can now access a version of GeneaBloggers on your favorite mobile device!

And since I’m not one for keeping secrets or holding knowledge close, here is how I did it: I used a new FREE service called onbile.

With onbile, all I had to do was create an account, select a template, configure content and then take a snippet of HTML code and paste it after the <head> tag in my blog template.  The process took all of five minutes.

And while the mobile version is not perfect, it is enough for me right now until I can design a more robust mobile version of GeneaBloggers. If you’ve wanted a mobile version of your blog or website, consider checking out onbile.

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

4 thoughts on “GeneaBloggers Goes Mobile

  1. Ok, I’ve been looking at various services to “mobilize” my graphics-heavy blog, so I gave Onbile a try. Several of the templates did not work for some reason, particularly one that I liked very much (think it was PinkBlog). When I tested it on my iPhone, none of the content links worked. Had to switch to a template I didn’t like as well, but that worked properly.

    BTW, on your Geneabloggers mobile site, none of your current content displays. Am I missing something?

    Onbile is definitely a nice FREE service (and I’m all for anything FREE), but I think they still have a few bugs to work out. Thanks for sharing!

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