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GeneaBloggers – Join Us For a WDYTYA Chat!

Who Do You Think You Are?

Last year during Season 1 of Who Do You Think You Are? I held some very successful video chats using TinyChat as a way of allowing the genealogy community to discuss each episode of WDYTYA.  One of the biggest problems was that I was the only one on video with audio and everyone else had to type their comments and questions.

Well I’m happy to announce that starting tonight, I will be hosting a two-hour call in radio show on Blog Talk Radio! Using Blog Talk Radio has been in my business plan for GeneaBloggers for quite some time and rather than have some big hype and publicity push, I thought I’d do a “soft launch” over the next few weeks and then decide whether or not to stay with the radio concept.

GeneaBloggers Blog Talk Radio

So here is how it will work:

  1. Visit the GeneaBloggers page at Blog Talk Radio.
  2. Click on the Upcoming Episode entitled “GeneaBloggers Radio – Who Do You Think You Are? Season 2 Episode 1: Vanessa Williams
  3. Then you can sign up for updates and reminders.
  4. At 8:00 pm CST tonight, February 4, 2011, after the episode is broadcast here in Chicago, listen in at the website.
  5. If you want to dial in and share your thoughts and comments, the dial-in number is (213) 286-6709.

Please be patient as I try out this new media – I certain there will be glitches but I think that over time we’ll be providing a valuable service to the genealogy community and hopefully having a fun time at the same time.

I hope to talk to you tonight and discuss WDYTYA as well as other genealogy issues!

©2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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