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Geneabloggers In The News

Well it hasn’t taken long for Geneabloggers to get noticed! ¬†Last week I was interviewed by Rita Marshall, a Canadian journalist who writes for several weekly newspapers. ¬† The articles – Blogging on a Genealogy Website and How to Make a Genealogy Blog – give a good overview of what geneablogging is all about.

Currently the articles are posted on the Suite site which touts itself as “The world’s most comprehensive independent online magazine: written and edited by professionals, trusted by over twelve million monthly readers.”

One thought on “Geneabloggers In The News

  1. Congratulations, Thomas! Those articles are great – well-written and will give the Geneabloggers some wonderful publicity. Probably a whole lot of recruits too! As a new blogger, I want to say thanks for all the help you’ve given me…you are a great resource of how-to’s and encouragement. Thanks, JoLyn

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