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GeneaBloggers Best Genealogy Moment of 2009

Randy Seaver at GeneaMusings has asked his fellow genealogy blogging colleagues to note their best genealogy moment of 2009.  Normally, GeneaBloggers only posts the roll-ups for these types of posts but since 2009 was a blockbuster year for GeneaBloggers, it is only fitting that such a moment be noted.

Easily, the best moment for GeneaBloggers in 2009 has to be the day this site was started – January 8, 2009.  That is when the domain name (and other variations) was secured.

Our first post was entitled A New Beginning which was January 18, 2009 and communicated the goals of this site while still reassuring those members of the GeneaBloggers Group on Facebook that the resources at that site would not dry up – that the .com site was merely another way to reach genealogy bloggers, especially those not on Facebook.

2009 has been a phenomenal year for GeneaBloggers and the thanks go out to all our supporters, all those who have made guest posts, those who’ve left comments of thanks and encouragement, those who have tweeted our posts as well as stumbled upon them.

Stay tuned to more anniversary info on January 18, 2010!

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9 thoughts on “GeneaBloggers Best Genealogy Moment of 2009

  1. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine NOT having this site around. It is such a great learning tool and reference point – not to mention all of the fun people I get to meet. This is like the center of a community….and every community needs it center.

    Thomas (and all of the other guest authors) – thank you so much for doing what you do and making this site WONDERFUL!

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