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GeneaBloggers Cookbooks

holiday cookies

Wow! All the great posts on holiday foods over at the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories are making me hungry. Lots of memories and recipes being shared.

Many readers have noted their favorite recipes from fellow bloggers and discussed them on Facebook and Twitter and even said they’d print them out and try them this holiday season. ¬†Which reminded me – did you know that the member bloggers of GeneaBloggers have produced two cookbooks? And one of them was a holiday cookbook?

GeneaBloggers Cookbooks

In February 2009, GeneaBloggers produced its first cookbook entitled The Genea-Blogger’s Cookbook. That was soon followed up in December 2009 with the GeneaBloggers Holiday Cookbook 2009. I also just posted the 2009 holiday version up at where you can download it in PDF for free!

GeneaBloggers Holiday Cookbook 2009

A 2010 Holiday Cookbook?

Is there enough interest for a 2010 version of the GeneaBloggers Holiday cookbook? Let me know in the comments. And as in past years, the cookbook will be available for free. If we act quickly, we can get a downloadable version ready by December 15th!

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