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GeneaBloggers Adds JISC TechDis ToolBar

JISC TechDis ToolBar

You may notice a new image in the sidebar at GeneaBloggers.  Clicking it will display a new feature: a toolbar to make the GeneaBloggers site more accessible to those who have vision problems.

The JISC TechDis ToolBar is provided by the University of Southampton, School of Electronics and Science and allows viewers of a website to zoom the text in and out, change the page style such as white text on black background, and even convert text to audio.  I hope that those readers who have vision issues will find it useful and that it makes the GeneaBloggers website more accessible to them.

You can learn more about the JISC TechDis Toolbar by reading this post at and by visiting the JISC TechDis ToolBar site.

For those of you who want to place the JISC image with the toolbar code in your sidebar, here are the instructions:

For Blogger:

1. Highlight the text in the box below, right-click and select Copy
2. In Blogger, go to Design
3. Select Add A Gadget
4. Select HTML/Javascript
5. In the Content area, right-click and select Paste
6. Click Save

For WordPress:

1. Highlight the text in the box below, right-click and select Copy
2. In WordPress, go to Admin
3. Select Widgets
4. Locate Text and select Add
5. In the list of Widgets, locate new widget and click Edit
6. Right-click and select Paste
7. Click Done
8. Click Save Changes

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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