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GenClass Ceases Operation


As I stated over at Destination: Austin Family, it appears that GenClass has ceased operations and many of the very capable instructors have been picked up at National Institute for Genealogical Studies.

As alluded to today on Twitter and other social media outlets, 2010 will be a year where the online genealogy industry matures while it also goes through growing pains.  I expect some major growth in the industry which may mean opportunities for new vendors, but at the same time other vendors will close their doors.

There will be consolidation in various areas including education and publishing (Ancestry magazine is supposedly folding and last year Digital Genealogist did the same).  Any predictions on other areas of consolidation or expansion?

Here one from me.  In the collaboration/create your family tree segment of the industry, there will be consolidation.  Meaning one or more of these vendors will either shutter or merge:


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8 thoughts on “GenClass Ceases Operation

  1. Bummer. I was going to try GenClass this year. Oh well. Wouldn’t be surprised about the Ancestry magazine. Never was a fan of that one.

  2. I think the many open source collaborative projects put pressure on the commercial section of the industry, and what with the economic downturn people are going to have less disposable cash to spend on their hobbies. More traffic will be lured away to cheaper alternatives and the big companies will (hopefully) start looking for ways of bringing those customers back, for example with cheaper deals and expanded functionality.

    So where a few of the less successful companies may fold or merge, I think there will be some interesting opportunities coming along for the average consumer.

    Watch This Space!

  3. Sad to see another site go, but I’m also happy to see that some instructors will be with NIGS – I am also working on my second class.

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