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#FHX09-SLC Bloggers of Honor

family history expo 2009 salt lake city

The Salt Lake City Family History Expo 2009 begins tomorrow, August 28, 2009, in Sandy, Utah at the South Towne Exposition Center and even though I cannot attend, I am very excited about this event.

Why? Because there will be many fellow genealogy bloggers in attendance who will be using the latest social media tools (live blogging, Facebook, Twitter) to bring the expo to those of us who can’t attend.

Several of our colleagues have been designated as Bloggers of Honor by Family History Expos:

Holly T. Hansen: BlogTwitter

Anastasia Tyler: Blog

The Ancestry Insider: BlogTwitter

Arlene H. Eakle: BlogTwitter

Gena Philibert Ortega: BlogWVR BlogTwitter, and WVR Twitter

Jean Wilcox Hibben: Blog

Lee R. Drew: FamHist Blog and Lineage Keeper BlogTwitter

Lisa Alzo: BlogTwitter

Lisa Louise Cooke: BlogTwitter

Renee Huskey: BlogTwitter

Renee Zamora: BlogTwitter

Use the links above to follow them during the expo and you’ll get some valuable information and a “taste” of what it is like to be at a Family History Expo.

In addition you can follow Family History Expos on Twitter at  @FHExpos and attendees have been asked to use the Twitter hashtag #FHX09-SLC in their tweets.

Finally, I will be tagging blog posts in my Google Reader so they can be seen here on this post.  And I’ll have a “sticky post” on the front page of GeneaBloggers so that it can easily be accessed during the expo.

Congratulations to Holly Hansen and her excellent team for what looks to be a great event.  And if you are travelling to attend, please be safe and we look forward to hearing about the expo in your blog posts, tweets and status updates!

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