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FeedBurner Email Subscription Options


[Please read the previous posts in this series, What Does “Burning A Feed” Mean? and Setting Up A FeedBurner Feed in order to properly set up a Subscribe Via Email gadget.]

Once you’ve set up your feed in FeedBurner and installed the Subscribe Via Email gadget, don’t forget that there are several options available to you which can help personalize the experience your readers have with the blog posts received via email.

To access these options, in FeedBurner, click the name of the feed, the Publicize tab and then click on Email Subscriptions in the left sidebar.

Communication Preferences

You can customize the initial email that your readers see when they sign up to receive new posts from your blog via email.  You can change the Confirmation Email “From” Address, the Confirmation Email Subject and even the Confirmation Email Body.  Make sure to click Save once your changes are entered.

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Email Branding

You can also change the look and feel of the email sent out each time there is a new post at your blog by clicking Email Branding.  You can add your blog’s logo, change font sizes and colors and more.

feedburner email options 02

Delivery Options

Click Delivery Options in the sidebar and you can select your timezone and control when emails get delivered to your readers.

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