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Family Tree Magazine – Family Tree Firsts 2013 Opportunity For New Genealogy Bloggers

Family Tree Magazine Family Tree Firsts Blogger Contest

At GeneaBloggers we’re always looking for opportunities for those who are new to genealogy and family history. Have you heard about the unique opportunity that Family Tree Magazine is offering? Have you always thought about blogging about your family history and your journey in genealogical research?

Once again, Family Tree Magazine is holding its annual contest to be named the Family Tree Firsts Blogger. Family Tree Magazine is looking for someone new to researching their roots and who would like to document the process using a blog hosted by Family Tree Magazine. Besides writing about the victories as well as the frustrations of ancestor hunting, the winner gets access to Family Tree Magazine products and services including webinars as well as some “surprises” from FTM partners.

You can learn more about this unique experience from the past year’s winner, Shannon Bennett who has written about her journey as the Family Tree Firsts blogger here. And if you know someone who you think would be a perfect fit for this mission, click here for more information.

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One thought on “Family Tree Magazine – Family Tree Firsts 2013 Opportunity For New Genealogy Bloggers

  1. This has been a truly amazing experience for me and I encourage everyone out there who is either just getting started, or knows someone who is, to have them enter. Nancy Shively was the Family Tree Firsts Blogger before me and you should check out her posts to. We have written about all sorts of things, and I hope you can tell from them that we enjoyed every minute of it.

    Take the plunge! I almost didn’t because I was so scared about being able to write. Well, I have mostly overcome that fear now and enjoy every time I sit down to the computer to share my thoughts and ideas. Who knows what you could be doing in a year from now!!

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