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Family Tree Firsts – Our 1400th Blog

Nancy Shively

Big news all around this week! First, congratulations to Nancy Shively who won Family Tree Magazine’s contest to select a newbie genealogist who was willing to document her educational journey in a genealogy blog! The name of the blog is Family Tree Firsts and it has just been added to the list of genealogy blogs here at GeneaBloggers.

And speaking of new genealogy blogs, it just so happens that as we added Nancy’s blog, we realized it was number 1400 (really, it was! not planned that way!). So far – and it is only Thursday – we’ve added 31 new blogs and I think by Saturday when we do our New Genealogy Blogs post, we will break a record for the number of newly-discovered genealogy blogs.

Thanks go out to everyone who has spread the good word about genealogy blogs and how they can help your research and your family history experience.  A special shout out to the many Bloggers of Honor from the Atlanta Family History Expo this past weekend, especially Dear MYRTLE and Amy Coffin who assisted expo attendees in setting up their blogs.

Disclosure: please see Disclosure Statements for more information on my material connection with Family Tree Magazine and other genealogy vendors.

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