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Family History Daily Debuts . . . And I Helped!

Family History Daily Debuts

A new genealogy and family history news channel, Family History Daily, debuts today and I’m proud to say that I’ve contributed an article to what looks to be a valuable asset for our community.

What Is Family History Daily?

Last month, the editor of Family History Daily, made a pitch to the genealogy community in which she outlined the purpose and premise of this new site and solicited contributions in the form of articles. You may have seen the information posted at GeneaPress or at Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.

As you can see at the About Family History Daily link, the goal is to build a channel where members of the genealogical and family history community can share tips, ideas, inspiration and stores about their passion.

Do We Need Another Genealogy Channel?

And the answer is yes. And the reason is that there is always room for ways in which we can reach out and not only welcome those new to searching their roots, but also to those searching to improve their knowledge about family history.

When the original pitch was made in early January, I was bombarded with emails from concerned members of GeneaBloggers and others in the genealogy community. They wanted to know who was running the site, what the purpose was, was it going to create an online community similar to GeneaBloggers . . .

So I did what any person would do when someone new arrives in the community: I reached out and welcomed them. I made it a point to contact Melanie Mayo who is an experienced editor managing similar channels for other markets (parenting mainly). I offered her support and encouragement and did the neighborly thing and made her feel welcome.

I also did my homework (we genealogists are researchers after all) and found out that this venture was not simply some “fly by night” operation or set up by an opportunist seeking to compete with other existing sites in genealogy. While there is always some base level of competition in that similar sites offer similar choices, in no way did I get the impression that Family History Daily was anything except what it purports to be: a place to share information about genealogy.

Why I Contributed An Article . . . An Why You Should Too

So now that I’ve let you know that Family History Daily is legit, at least in my book, here’s more about my article Family History Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone and why I provided it to Family History Daily as a feature article.

First, I love to write and I love writing on broad topics in family history that serve to make readers think and to inspire them to better genealogy.

Second, I knew that my contribution would help lend some legitimacy to the site and also calm the waters, so to speak in terms of there being a new kid on the block.

And finally, because doing so just fits with my belief in abundance and how it serves to expand not just the genealogy community, but also my own opportunities. I believe and I have proof that for each contribution offered freely and in the spirit of giving and abundance, I receive much more back in the form of other opportunities.

* * *

So there you have it. Now go read the content at Family History Daily and consider contributing your own article. You’ll find your own gifts of abundance when you do. And also please take a minute to welcome Melanie and congratulate her on the new site.

Remember, there’s plenty of room at the table when it comes to talking online about genealogy and family history. There are many channels out there and you need to find the one or ones that work for you. And when you do, support them with the same passion you have for finding your own ancestors.

©2013, copyright Thomas MacEntee

2 thoughts on “Family History Daily Debuts . . . And I Helped!

  1. It’s always nice to hear of more groups that offer support and cooperation between all kinds of researchers. Welcome to the playground!

    Stephanie Pitcher Fishman (Corn and Cotton / The In-Depth Genealogist)

  2. Thank you for telling us about Family History Daily, Thomas, and in such an open-hearted and welcoming way. I admire your approach. And now I’m going to read your article there! : )

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