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Faces Of America – Your Thoughts?

Faces Of America

If you managed to catch the first episode of Faces of America last night and you were unable to participate in our online chat last night (which was very successful with about 35 people during the 2.5 hour period between 9pm and 11:30pm CST), let us know what you thought of the episode.

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8 thoughts on “Faces Of America – Your Thoughts?

  1. At first I was frustrated that he kept jumping around among the guests. I guess I wanted him to start at the top of a pedigree and move downward. By mid show I got use to the format and guess his approach would be more interesting to non genealogists.
    He finally got top some information that his guests didn’t know and I think that is what will generate interest. Finding the surprises.

  2. I couldn’t login to chat, but could hear some of it. Several people commented that Dr. Gates wasn’t showing the methodology. For non-genealogists, this would be tedious. Remember “Roots” wasn’t about the research, but the story. That being said, I do wish they would show some of the documents and say a bit about them. The Generations Project program does this, and I think WDYTYA will, as well. I loved the stories, and enjoy Gates programs.

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