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Facebook Page For Your Ancestor?

Historical Figure Facebook Template

One of my favorite resource blogs – Free Technology for Teachers – has a great post today on how to set up a Facebook page for a historical figure. And as the wheels of my mind are usually in a constant state of churning, I said to myself: “Well, why can’t I use this to create a page for one of my ancestors?”

The template is stored in Google Docs but is really not a template per se – it is meant as a guide for creating the Facebook page and adding several elements. I think what is presented is a fun way to bring your ancestor to life, especially since you can then share it with other family members on Facebook.

Another thought I had is this: would this offer a serious challenge to’s I Remember application on Facebook and the link to Footnote Pages?

If anyone does create a Facebook page for their ancestor, please blog about it at your site. I’m sure other members of GeneaBloggers would be interested in learning more.

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